LE66, the Parisian concept store located in City Walk encouraged Dubai’s fashionistas to embrace the spirit of summer with a fun interactive workshop hosted by fashion stylist and winner of the Instastar of the Year Grazia Awards 2017, Samantha Francis Baker on May 23rd between 7 and 9 pm. Popularly known by her Instagram handle of @Styleisnecessity, the session was aptly titled “Style Necessities for the Summer” and saw Samantha dressing 12 male and female mannequins on the boutique floor in the season’s most-talked about trends.

Samantha teamed her own individualistic aesthetic with current sartorial looks that are heating up the fashion world. The lovely ladies in attendance were shown how to pair corsets with androgynous military-inspired shoulders and give them a feminine twist with belts to cinch in the overall look. Those eager to incorporate something fresh into their wardrobes were told how stripes could be paired with florals. Pink is definitely having a fashion moment and Samantha explained how guests could make the most of this flattering shade. For those who always considered bikini tops an item best reserved for the beach, Samantha showcased how they could be incorporated in one’s day-to-day life by pairing them with full-bodied, flowing silhouettes.

The men too received their fair share of tips and tricks and Samantha paid ode to Kanye West’s fashion quotient with some Kanye-inspired oversized and nude pieces. The 50’s and 70’s are definitely having a renaissance and those with a passion for all things dapper were shown how to combine preppy high-waist trousers with rolled up ankles.

Image consulting is something Samantha is well-known for and guests were also treated to invaluable advice as to how to pick color palettes and cuts that accentuate for the summer months.