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Revealing the Ethos of Brands and the Power they Hold: Katch the Heart of Branding

by Paudie Marum | 3rd June 2024 | Communication,Digital,Disruption,Marketing
Heart of Branding

The ethos of a brand is the beating heart and guiding principles that keep it ticking over and instil it with a sense of purpose

Perception is paramount and never more so than in the realm of branding. When it comes to marketing, companies, and products, the term “ethos” stands as a powerful force shaping the character of each. The ethos is the heartbeat, that innate quality that exemplifies the brand and what it stands for. At Katch International, we are on a mission to unlock the potential of this guiding force to ensure it stands front and centre, dictating all the aims and goals of a brand.

Originating from the Greek word meaning ‘character,’ ethos encapsulates the morals, values, and beliefs that define an entity, whether an individual or an entire culture. As one of Aristotle’s three rhetorical appeals, alongside logos and pathos, ethos plays a pivotal role in establishing a brand's authenticity. The Greeks, recognising its influence, even applied ethos to the transformative power of music on emotions, behaviours, and morals.

Greek philosopher

Creative Concepts: Deciphering the Essence

For marketers, decoding the essence of brand ethos is akin to capturing the very essence of a moment. It includes everything that makes a brand tick, such as the traits, culture, goals, mission, vision, and community it embodies. In the dynamic field of marketing, ethos acts as the vital link between a brand and its audience.

Success is achieved when the brand's perceived values align seamlessly with consumer behaviour. Strong brands often form a robust ethos, which distinguishes their authenticity, as consumers will generally scrutinise brands based on their character, credibility, and alignment with personal values.

Unveiling Brand Essence: Crafting the Soul of Your Brand

As the heartbeat of any organisation, brand essence defines the core identity that sets a company apart from its competitors. The evolving dynamics of today's market mean that this differentiation goes beyond mere product offerings. The brand ethos, which can be compared to the soul or DNA, encompasses values, mission statements, and brand visions, crystallising the purpose and meaning of the organisation.

There are many great examples of powerful brands that have captured and exhibited a unique ethos, like Nike, with its “Innovation and Inspiration,” which can be seen in everything they produce, or Haagen-Dazs, aiming for the “Gold Standard,” exemplify the power of a concise brand essence. For all brands, the challenge lies in embodying its essence, using it as a compass for decision-making, ensuring consistency, and appealing to the higher expectations of a discerning audience.

Nike hat

Why is Apple so Special?

The ethos and guiding principles of Apple are another interesting ideology to study as it almost transcends its iconic products, embodying a distinctive culture meticulously cultivated by its late co-founder, Steve Jobs. Characterised by principles such as simplicity, elegance, beauty, cleverness, humility, directness, and truth, the company functions as a fractal design, where the same ethos defining its products applies to Apple as a whole.

Jobs’ emphasis on culture was so profound that he established Apple University in 2008, aiming to formalise the propagation of the company’s ethos long after his tenure. This unique culture, instilled in every facet of Apple, extends from its retail stores to the executive staff, creating an environment where employees passionately believe they are crafting the best products that genuinely impact people’s lives. The ethos of Apple serves not only as a guiding force within the company but also as a standard that sets it apart in the larger corporate landscape.

The Case of Volvo's Dedication to Safety

Volvo’s brand ethos is unapologetically centred on “safety,” positioning itself as a brand synonymous with protecting its customers. While crash test results might not always crown Volvo as the absolute safest, the company goes to great lengths to instil confidence in its drivers. Constantly pushing the boundaries of safety innovation, Volvo integrates cutting-edge features such as side airbags and rear-vision cameras into its vehicles.

Volvo sign

This commitment to safety often means prioritising it over other technological advancements, diverting resources to fortify the protective aspects of their cars. While some customers might find this focus limiting, Volvo's continuous efforts towards its chosen brand essence exemplifies the necessity for brands to constantly adhere to their core values, even if it means making choices that diverge from industry norms. In doing so, Volvo has crafted a brand identity that stands out in the automotive landscape, symbolising a commitment to the well-being of its customers that surpasses the pursuit of every technological trend.

Guiding Principles: Crafting that Unique Essence

Defining brand essence requires a delicate balance between authenticity and aspiration. In its pursuit of clarity, a brand can follow the principles outlined by branding expert Kirk Phillips. These include ensuring uniqueness, focusing on intangibles, maintaining a single-minded approach, crafting an experiential essence, embedding meaning, ensuring consistency, upholding authenticity, aiming for sustainability, and fostering scalability.

By adhering to these principles, every brand can unravel its distinctive essence, creating a narrative that resonates with its audience and guides it through its growth journey.

Brand ethos is the narrative that defines everyone and everything – encapsulating its past, present, and future aspirations. As each brand aims to unveil its unique ethos, it will not only distinguish itself in the competitive landscape but also forge a connection that transcends the transactional, appealing to the emotions and values of its discerning audience.

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