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Katch up on our Recent Branding Work for Koel and Whistle Sports Bar at Ibis Styles Dubai

by Paudie Marum | 3rd April 2023 | Communication,Digital,Hospitality,Food and Beverage
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Tasked with creating engaging venues that are appealing to an extensive cohort of people, the Branding and Design team at Katch International had its work cut out for this exciting project

When launching a new venue to the market, the branding, design, and initial image you portray to the market are absolutely essential to establish your brand and gain traction. Recently, Katch International took on the exciting challenge of creating a coherent brand story for two bars located in Ibis Styles Maitha Plaza. With two very different briefs, the team set out to develop two fully functional bars, starting from scratch and finishing up with two incredibly appealingly designed venues.

Katch International was tasked with the full branding of both bars, with the challenge being to create two distinct identities that would appeal to different audiences. One bar would be a trendy rooftop bar, while the other would be a lively sports bar. After going through several rounds of name selection, the team finally landed on the name Koel for the rooftop bar and Whistle for the sports bar.

Koel views

The naming of each bar was just the first step in the process, as once this was achieved and approved by the client, the next step was to build a story that would be reinforced in every element of each bar. Everything from the logos to the staff members' outfits to the aesthetic of the venue and everything in between had to perfectly align with each bar’s brand story. Each element had to be well thought out to ensure it fits the ethos of what was being created.

Koel was the first in line for getting the Katch International branding treatment and what was created is not just any rooftop bar. It is a hidden gem, a tranquil oasis where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in a peaceful and welcoming environment. Koel was created to embody the spirit of the city while providing a haven for those seeking a chilled-out atmosphere. This beautiful rooftop space has the perfect mix of trendy vibes, breathtaking views, and a welcoming ambience.

Koel coasters

The bar's name, Koel, is a tribute to the local bird whose soothing call conveys a sense of calmness, and it also embodies the establishment's cool and refreshing atmosphere. A lot of thought went into the design and décor of the bar, with a huge focus on creating a space that would be both stylish and comfortable. By incorporating natural elements like plants and wood, as well as colourful accents, it adds a pop of energy and excitement to the space.

Koel book

The logo and imagery used throughout the venue also reflect the laid-back and trendy vibes on offer. The design is sleek, giving off an air of freshness that permeates everything from the tasty cocktails to the gentle breezes that blow past. A sophisticated offering, Koel is the pinnacle of modernity and chic excellence.

Koel bartender

Next up was Whistle Sports Bar. With the aim to create a place where the passion for sports and the love for great food and drinks come together in a unique and exciting way, Whistle Sports Bar embodies this and more. From the moment you enter this realm of sporting excellence, you will instantly be enthralled by the sophisticated ambience and the overwhelmingly warm and inclusive space.

Whistle Sports Bar has been perfectly designed for groups of friends, all avid sports fans, men, and women alike, and those looking for a welcoming atmosphere in the city. It is a place where fans can watch their favorite teams play while enjoying delicious food and drinks in a vibrant and friendly environment. It is a sports bar that not only meets the needs of sports fans but also exceeds their expectations. Set in an ideal location, the venue boasts the perfect mix of ambience, space, and accessibility.

Whistle venue

The name "Whistle" comes from the love of sports and the sound that signals the start or end of a game. It represents the excitement and energy that the bar brings to every game day. It is the place where friends and families come together to celebrate life's little victories, whether it's a game-winning touchdown or a birthday party. It is a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone feels like they belong.

Man at Whistle

At Whistle Sports Bar, every game day is a celebration, and every visit is an experience. The vision was to create a sports bar that would become a part of the community, a place that people would come back to time and time again and the venue has achieved just that. Whistle Sports Bar is the go-to destination for sports fans and foodies alike, and it continues to grow and evolve with each passing day.

The logo elements are fun and creative, taking the idea of a whistle and forming it into a person by combining it with the letter “w”. The colour palette screams fun and makes the venue appealing to sports fans everywhere. It is meant to be inviting and a place to socialise and gather with friends, and everything from the placemats to the menu design showcases this perfectly.

Whistle menu

Branding can often be a challenge and being seen in this saturated market is never easy. Katch International has over 13 years of experience in helping brands find their voice and create their own story. Koel and Whistle Sports Bar are just two examples of the fantastic work that the expert branding and design team at Katch International works on every day. Speak to us today to see how we can help get your brand seen.

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