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Katch How Influencer Marketing is Being Redefined: Shifting Focus from Followers to Engagement, Niche, and Authenticity

by Paudie Marum | 29th May 2023 | Communication,Digital,Marketing,Social Media
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The marketing landscape is ever changing with people increasingly looking for products and brands that speak to their emotions

In recent years, influencer marketing has become an integral part of PR campaigns. However, the approach to selecting influencers has been undergoing a significant transformation. Gone are the days when follower numbers were the sole criteria for collaboration. Katch International is at the forefront of this change, emphasising the importance of engagement, alignment with a brand’s ethos, and authenticity. In the world today, where social media is king and people consume content like never before, Katch International is redefining influencer marketing.


The Power of Micro-Influencers:

While macro-influencers may boast large followings, research has shown that micro-influencers with a smaller but highly engaged audience yield better results for brands. Katch International understands the significance of tapping into influencers who share similar values with the target audience. These micro-influencers foster a sense of loyalty and trust among their followers, which can have a substantial impact on purchasing decisions.

For instance, during the promotion of the Wireless Festival, Katch International collaborated with influencers immersed in hip-hop culture. One standout partnership was with Tidding, an influencer with 140k followers. Tidding created a parody video about Divine, an Indian rapper performing at the festival. The video garnered impressive engagement and resulted in a notable increase in ticket sales. This case exemplifies the effectiveness of aligning influencers' interests with the target audience, resulting in meaningful engagement and tangible outcomes.

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Matching the Brand Ethos:

Followers, engagement, and authenticity are of course very important, but is as equally important to find the right people that match your own brand’s ethos. Gone are the days when we should just be looking at follower counts, instead it is essential to look beyond that and focus on influencers who have an engaged following, consistently create high-quality content, and exude authenticity. It is vital to choose influencers whose audience is genuinely interested in your products or services.

For example, Katch hosts many influencers for dinner at At.mosphere, mainly focussing on top-tier influencers from all over the world on a barter basis. We evaluate these influencers based on their engagement with their audience and screen them to ensure that the content they produce aligns with the experience offered at At.mosphere.

One of our main criteria when we are looking for influencers to collaborate with a particular brand would not just be a high number of followers, but also the number of likes on their posts and comments. It is important to pay close attention to the likes and comments on their profiles and we decline or reject the ones with fake followers, likes, and bot comments. The quality of their posts and stories also matters when it comes to a big brand like At.mosphere.

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Another example of our successful work with influencers is when we hosted a couple of influencers for Iftar at Rove Hotels. We know it was a success when the influencers and the client communicated back to us about inquiries on their offerings for Ramadan and the number of bookings going up during that period of time. We hosted food bloggers and influencers for this particular period, and their constant engagement, via stories, reels, and comments, with their followers is what drove the campaign to success. 

Finally, another example would be the mom influencers we carefully select for our client, Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai. We make sure those profiles are engaging with the right audience, and we are now looking at Centara operating at full occupancy for the past few months. As a family-friendly resort, it is so important to highlight and select people that fit into this bracket as their audience is the same audience that the likes of Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai are trying to attract.

Clearly Defining Goals:

To ensure the effectiveness of influencer marketing, it is essential to follow a few key steps. Firstly, the marketing goals and objectives of the brand should be clearly defined so there is no misalignment with the content that the influencer provides. It should be clear whether the aim is to enhance brand awareness, drive sales, target specific audiences, or promote a new product. This clarity will serve as a guiding force in selecting the right influencers and shaping your campaign strategy.

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Build Relationships and Collaborate:

Building authentic relationships with influencers is crucial. Each influencer you reach out to should receive a personalised approach to demonstrate that you genuinely understand their content and values. This involves actively engaging with their content, providing value, and offering mutual support. By following, liking, and commenting on their posts and stories, it is possible to cultivate a lasting connection that goes beyond a mere working relationship.

When collaborating with influencers, empower them to exercise creative freedom while ensuring they grasp the brand's messaging and objectives. By encouraging them to organically incorporate the brand’s products or services into their content, it can help maintain a level of authenticity and credibility with their followers. This can also be achieved by collaborating with influencers on content ideas, leveraging their expertise and unique perspective to create engaging and compelling campaigns. While it can be helpful to provide content guidelines as a reference, allowing influencers to infuse their personal touch adds an organic and genuine touch to the content.

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Katch International is leading the charge in redefining influencer marketing by shifting the focus from the number of followers to engagement, niche alignment, and authenticity. Brands can achieve greater success by embracing micro-influencers who possess highly engaged audiences and resonate with their target market. By not just focusing on sheer volume and high follower counts, but instead working with genuine influencers that can become loyal ambassadors, brands can harness the true potential of influencer marketing in the evolving landscape of PR campaigns.

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