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Katch the UAE’s First Female Delivery Driver

by Eamonn Liddy | 23rd March 2021 | Communication,Food and Beverage,Public Relations
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Team Katch couldn’t be prouder to support Freedom Pizza, with our unique brand of PR and communications services, for the unveiling of its powerful new video, which tells the story of Gift, the UAE’s first female food delivery driver.


Made with love in the UAE as part of the KRUSH Brands family, Freedom Pizza has introduced Gift – the UAE’s first female food delivery driver – to the world via a powerful new video on The video is part of a wider KRUSH-led ethos, which focuses on every beautiful person behind each delicious meal made and delivered by Freedom Pizza.


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As a company that believes in its people, Freedom Pizza is committed to celebrating, encouraging and empowering its tribe, while providing opportunities for each and every team-member to grow, learn and become integral participants in the development of the company. Whether someone is a delivery driver, a cook, a pizza-maker, or working in the central kitchens, everyone is given the tools to build long and meaningful careers and progress into management roles within Freedom Pizza. In fact, most of Freedom’s Store General Managers started out as delivery drivers.


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Gift is a Freedom Pizza Assistant-Manager whose inspiring story epitomises KRUSH Brands’ ethos. A creative, passionate and highly driven individual, she moved to Dubai from her native Nigeria to get a job and support her family. When the opportunity to become a Freedom Pizza rider and the UAE’s first female food delivery driver arose, she jumped at the chance. Despite her current role as Assistant Manager, she still seizes upon opportunities to get out on the bike and deliver pizza, not because she has to, but because she can.


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The best time for me to actually think is when I’m driving; it’s a time to think about everything, about home, about where I was before. When I’m on the road, I’m free. When I started working for Freedom Pizza, I wasn’t just given an opportunity to start a job. I was given an opportunity to start a life. Delivering food is not just about delivering to people. For me, it’s an opportunity to be part of someone’s day,” says Gift.

She adds, “Most drivers are driving for a reason. They might be working for their wives or their children. If you’re asking why I am driving, I am driving for my family. I am a daughter, and I want to support them. In Dubai, I don’t have family, so my friends at work are family to me. I really want to see more ladies join me. Instead of saying “Hey brother” when I’m out on the Freedom bike, I want to say, “Hey sister, I am doing it. You can too.”

Ian Ohan, Founder & CEO of Freedom Pizza, comments, ‘Human capability, spirit and brilliance should never be hidden. Women’s rights are human rights. Behind every delicious meal (we make and deliver) is a beautiful person with a story you should know. We believe in every member of our team, so we invest in them, their futures and their gifts. We believe in and invest in our people, because they are what makes us who we are.”


Back of jacket with the words FREE RIDER written on them

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Dubai, 12 third-party food delivery drivers (working as contractors) were killed on empty roads, rushing to fulfil deliveries to try and earn enough money to earn a sufficient living wage. No delivery is more important than the personal safety of any drivers, or the safety of anyone else on the road.

KRUSH Brands’ drivers are all directly employed and are not compensated on a per-delivery basis; rather, they receive a proper monthly wage and all safety and living benefits. As a company, KRUSH has a zero-tolerance policy for reckless driving and is ethically and morally bound to ensure that its drivers have certified and high-quality safety gear. Moreover, new and well-maintained delivery bikes are provided with both medical and workmen’s compensation insurances, and every driver receives driver safety training.

Its drivers often work for a greater purpose, to support their families and provide a better future for their children. KRUSH has taken this one step further with its Safety Delivered Initiative and also invites the public to consider the importance of their lives and be mindful of them on the roads. Watch its team’s road safety message inspired by family HERE.

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