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Katch Everything That Went Into Curating The Perfect Culinary Festival - EPICURE

by Mariam Maroof | 12th June 2023 | Food and Beverage,Public Relations,Communication,Social Media

Our Branding and Design team put their creative hats on to develop Sofitel Dubai The Palm’s newest culinary offering – EPICURE Culinary Month

To ensure you make an impact, creating a brand identity that makes a mark is crucial and for that, Katch International’s branding experts are at your service! Recently, Katch International took over EPICURE Culinary Month’s branding, hosted by Sofitel Dubai The Palm and turned it into an event foodies could drool over. The team set out with a brief in hand and minds overflowing with ideas to create a culinary extravaganza for the ages. After our successful campaign for the Laguna Beach Taverna & Lounge at Sofitel Dubai The Palm, we were once again determined to not only put our best foot forward but this time, to achieve culinary excellence.

Laguna Beach Taverna and Lounge

The goal was to create something that got potential consumers hooked. The team at Katch were tasked with creating a brand identity that was meaningful and would serve to be the talk of the town as far as culinary exhibitions go. We began with a brainstorming session to produce a name that would truly offer a sense of the exquisite culinary delights that awaited. A name that was carefully thought out, took the magnitude of the event into consideration and was unlike anything known before. A creation true to the minds at Katch that conveyed the event to be a culinary month devoted to those who live and breathe food of the finest quality. For those with refined palates, EPICURE was born.

Flavoursome Tasting Menus Epicure

With the perfect name ready to give the brand its identity, the next step in the process was to create a master design as well as posters that would help promote the event amongst those interested. As a leading branding agency in Dubai, Katch understands how important it is for a brand to showcase its message correctly, and what is needed to capture the attention of its target audience.

Producing a design that is equally captivating as it is engaging is vital to any event that is looking to entice people and welcome those interested. For EPICURE, the designers at Katch aimed to catch the essence of a culinary month that hoped to take visitors on a gastronomical adventure – while also catering to the elegance that Sofitel is known for. Think chic, sleek, and sophisticated when looking at EPICURE’s logo.

Once the name and logo were crossed off, the creative heads at Katch set off toward the next challenge that would have them creating posters as well as pre and post-event content. These pieces needed to resonate well with the idea of what EPICURE strived to be and the story it wanted to convey. A safe haven for connoisseurs where you experience only the best as far as taste is concerned, EPICURE is the pinnacle of culinary excellence.

The culinary month saw prominent chefs and culinary experts work together to re-design everything we know about our favourite cuisines. It was home to grape tastings, four-hands dinners, brunches, and workshops in partnership with The Tasting Class for those looking to learn more about food and bubbles. Across the month-long culinary event, visitors and residents were able to re-discover restaurants they know and love, sample new menus, and feast upon treats cooked by world-renowned chefs.


We at Katch are devoted to delivering the best results to our clients by working tirelessly to meet ever-changing consumer demands. This means our team not only covered EPICURE’s branding and design but also managed their content creation, from photography all the way to videography. Keeping the brief in mind, Katch International produced a pre-event video that provided enough insights about the event that would spark a sense of curiosity among epicureans.

As an agency focused on going the extra mile, our team produced a second video to keep up the hype and promote the event further to attract more visitors. The video highlighted key happenings and evoked interest among other potential attendees by providing a glimpse into the first week. As our video gained an increase in engagement, EPICURE saw a growing number of visitors in the following weeks.

The journey of EPICURE from a mere idea that blossomed into something that will be remembered for years to come was made possible through the efforts put in by the talented minds at Katch. While all deliverables were notable, the promotional videos came up to a grand total of just under 100k views –making the culinary month an enormous hit! Having left a lasting impact with our work, it is only the beginning of what Katch and Sofitel The Palm can produce together in the years to come.

Scallop Asparagus Brazilian Stingless Bee Honey

With over a decade of experience behind us, we are proud to be among the leading choices for brands looking to find an identity that truly represents all they’re about. Speak to us today and discover the wonders Katch International’s branding and design team can create for you!

For more updates on our work and to Katch us covering similar events, watch this space!

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