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Katch up on the ultimate rib-tickling hilarity taking place at Dubai Comedy Festival and Abu Dhabi Comedy Week

by Ashraf Ibrahim | 8th April 2024 | Public Relations,Social Media,Marketing,Food and Beverage
Dubai Comedy Festival 2024

The UAE is about to get one of the biggest infusions of funny it has ever seen as first the Dubai Comedy Festival and then Abu Dhabi Comedy Week arrive in the country, bringing with them a whole host of funny men and women to take you on a journey of hilarity

A comedic spectacle is about to unravel in the UAE with the return of the Dubai Comedy Festival and the debut of Abu Dhabi Comedy Week. Bringing together some of the world’s funniest men and women, both promise to deliver uproarious laughter and unforgettable entertainment. At Katch International, we’re thrilled to be part of the laughter-filled journey for both festivals. Brace yourself for a range of incredible comedic extravaganzas as top talents like Gad Elmaleh, Katherine Ryan, Aziz Ansari, Tom Segura, and more descend on the stage to deliver side-splitting performances that will have buckled over with laughter.

Aziz Ansari

A World of Laughs Awaits at Dubai Comedy Festival

Held annually in Dubai, arguably the comedy capital of the Middle East, Dubai Comedy Festival is known for hosting some of the best comedians and chart-topping shows. Produced by BRAG in partnership with Live Nation, Book My Show, Outside the Box Events, and presented by Dubai Calendar, the 2024 edition of Dubai Comedy Festival will touch down at various venues in the city, including Dubai Opera, Roxy Cinemas at Dubai Hills Mall, and Coca-Cola Arena.

Taking place between April 12th and 21st, this sensational festival of non-stop laughs promises an even higher dose of hilarious antics than ever before. Comedy fanatics can look forward to side-splitting performances from the likes of Gad Elmaleh, who has achieved widespread notoriety in France, Morocco, and the United States, Katherine Ryan, a Canadian female comedy powerhouse, Al Murray, recognised as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy in 2003, Frank Skinner, the maestro of observational humour, in addition to many other stars including Omid Singh, Chinedu Unaka, and Mo Gilligan.

Frank Skinner

With plenty of chart-topping comedy groups also on hand, it’s time to start limbering up those facial muscles as you’ll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat. This includes Comedy Bizarre, returning for another year and well-known as an international comedic sensation, Emirati Stand-Up, a group of comics who will bring their locally-inspired humour for fans to enjoy, and Spencer & Vogue, a comedian couple who will lift the curtain on their lives, delving deep into all the nitty gritty details.

Spencer & Vogue

Those in search of Filipino witticism can look forward to Laughtrip, a comedy quartet made up of four well-known, Tagalog-speaking comedians brought to you by Hollywood Pop-Up Entertainment. If you’re in need of a dose of Arabic humour, look no further than Bil 3arabi Vol. 3, a native comedy collective made up of Arab comics who have been rocking Dubai’s comedy scene since 2017.

The Happy’nings: An Extra Splash of Fun and Entertainment

Beyond its cracking lineup, Dubai Comedy Festival is transforming the city into the ultimate happy place. Between April 12th and 21st, attendees can look forward to plenty of fun and excitement spread through the Happy’nings calendar, which will include a host of additional entertainment, comedy, and wellness activations hosted every day throughout the festival’s run.

Taking place across various venues in Dubai, the Happy’nings’ comedy shows include the likes of Max Amini, a master of observational humour, the Humour Clinic, a hilarious Hindi-language show, and Rushdi’s Comedy Souk, an uproarious showcase of comedy and improv. Music fanatics can also expect stunning performances across the city, including by the likes of Abdul Majeed Abdullah, an iconic Saudi Arabian singer, Sharmila Dance Extravaganza, featuring a whirlwind of different dance styles, in addition to events such as Pub in the Park, which celebrates good food, great drinks, impeccable vibes, and fantastic music.

4 Comedians

Wellness is also a key feature of Dubai Comedy Festival. Whether you want to try your hand at mindfulness during the Laughter Yoga session, a revolutionary concept gaining popularity worldwide as a great workout for complete wellbeing or you’d prefer to hear some inspirational stories at the Business & Life Speaking Tour, a show hosted by the acclaimed business guru Steven Bartlett who will be sharing some invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs, this festival has something for everyone.

Extra Hilarity Coming Soon with Abu Dhabi Comedy Week’s Debut

Abu Dhabi doesn’t want to miss out on the action either with the city now getting its very own annual comedy festival, Abu Dhabi Comedy Week. Set to be held from May 18th to 26th at Etihad Arena - Yas Island, this thrilling festival will be an emirate-wide celebration of laughter, where comedic legends and rising stars will descend on the city for a weeklong extravaganza. Comedy fans can expect side-splitting performances from world-famous comics, including Aziz Ansari, Tom Segura, Bassem Youssef & Maz Jobrani, Chris Tucker, and Andrew Schulz.

Chris Tucker

The UAE is increasingly becoming a hub of entertainment, bringing residents and visitors the best talents from across the world. Boasting a series of top-notch performances, engaging activations, and a vibrant atmosphere, Dubai’s and Abu Dhabi’s calendar is filled to the brim with unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Whatever your sense of humour, there is something for everyone to enjoy at these upcoming comedy phenomena.

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