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Songs That Inspire: Katch International is Wrapping up 2023 with some Musical Reflection

by Paudie Marum | 27th December 2023 | Communication,Public Relations,Disruption
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As the year draws to a close and the Christmas turkey has finally settled, here at Katch International we take a look at the songs that have helped motivate and inspire us throughout this unforgettable year

Music is such a wonderful thing. It can bring people together, it can be thought-provoking, it can put you in a happy mood, and it can perfectly encapsulate your emotions at certain times in your life. Each song tells its own story, and each story resonates with different people in different ways.

Music has so many benefits including reducing anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improving sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory. This year, we decided to look back at all the songs that made a difference in our lives throughout the rollercoaster that was the last 12 months. At Katch, we like to celebrate individuality and the diverse array of song choices from our team reflected just that, ranging from power ballads to rap phenomena and everything in between.

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Check out what our team has been listening to below:

Georgie – You All Along (Wedding Song) by Georgie Woollams

“This is a song about how I met my husband when I was a teenager, how we came back together later in life, and the journey we go through as a family. It felt like fate when we got back together, and I wanted to tell him that in this song.”

Paudie – Stick Season by Noah Kahan

“I only heard this song for the first time in August and instantly I felt a connection with it. The mood of the song revolves around change, waiting for the better times, and how you don’t feel growth or change until later, which I feel is so true as it is hard to notice it when it’s happening.”

Jahnavi – You’re on Your Own, Kid by Taylor Swift

“Simply put, this song reminds me that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, you're on your own and you always have been, so I can look back at how much I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come by myself. Also, it's a gentle reminder to not isolate yourself so much that you start losing sense of reality. Remember you can lean on others when you need them, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking this support.”

Shannon – Not Afraid by Eminem

“I really resonate with this song, especially when a client comes in with a HUGE request and it is a challenge to get it done on time. I take each of these moments as a challenge and try to still get the work done. This song gets me going and helps me remember to not be afraid, but rather to give it my all.”

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Haroon - Waste A Moment by Kings of Leon “I love everything about this song - the moving guitar riffs, the drum beats, the smoke-tinged vocals. The lyrics speak to me, reminding me to be more mindful and live in the moment and approach life with an optimistic, laissez-faire attitude.”

Soundarya – Drag Me Down by One Direction

“The reason I like this song so much is a little funny. I always imagine that the song is being sung to me, and it reminds me of all my achievements, the struggles I have been able to conquer because I believed in myself, and it tells me I should give myself just a little bit more self-love and stop being so hard on myself.”

Ashraf - Radio Ga Ga by Queen

“I was surprised to see this song in second place of my top five tracks for 2023. Although its lyrics are clearly outdated, the song reflects my feelings on how the world is being increasingly reliant on experimental technologies and how we’re continuously bidding farewell to many things we used to enjoy and love.”

Sumbul - Hall of Fame by The Script

“I came across this song when I was in college and since then it’s been my go-to song for inspiration. Whenever I'm feeling down or facing something tough, the song's lyrics work like a friend giving me a motivational pep talk. It's my instant pick me up, especially when I doubt my own abilities.”

Guitar player

Jaena – Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

“I really like this song due to its uplifting and thought-provoking lyrics, becoming an anthem for self-discovery and personal empowerment. This song embraces the limitless possibilities of life and encourages people to take control of their own destinies, which is what I always try to do.”

Vani - Wild Flower by RM ft Youjeen

“My first encounter with this song inspired me to take a deep look into the representation of its metaphors and the idea of finding strength and meaning in unexpected circumstances. As a wild flower, one may be seen as unprepared and unfit for an ideal situation, however, the song preaches that one should show resilience no matter what the seasons are. I find this song deeply introspective and relatable, and it reminded me of the old BTS songs that used to portray the profound theme of ‘Love Yourself’.”

Aditi - Vex Oh by Kaytranada

“This song always elevates my mood and eases my anxiety. There is nothing that this song cannot fix. It has been my favourite for the past two years and I think it will continue to remain so because of the emotions it always evokes in me.”

Sarosh – Do I Wanna Know? by The Arctic Monkeys

“This song has become a constant companion in the soundtrack of my life. Its magnetic beats and soul-stirring melody have been a consistent source of comfort and resonance, effortlessly adapting to the evolving chapters of my life. The song's timeless nature has proven itself as a reliable companion, weaving itself into the fabric of my personal journey and making it an indispensable and enduring choice for any playlist.”

Do I Wanna Know?

Daniel - Goodbye, My Love, Good Bye by Demis Russos

“My mother recently told me about this artist, and I came across this song. I really like its message of nothing good lasting forever, whether it is a period of time or a person. However, the classical and vintage vibe I get from this song is calming and it is an uplifting song whether I am in a good mood or a bad one.”

Alankrita - Savage Daughter by Ekaterina Shelehova

“I love this song because my mom is my idol. She's fierce, powerful, and an absolute delight to be around. Whenever I face challenges and handle them with strength, I attribute all of it to her and the way she raised me.”

Maahi - I’m Good by Bebe Rexha and David Guetta

“This song just holds such great memories for me from the happiest of times in my life. The lyrics and music are so engaging that it never fails to cheer me up when I’m not having a good day.”

Gayatri - Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

“This song is so powerful and has been my top choice since the first time I heard it live. This song always pumps me up when I’m low and, on some level, it motivates me to push towards my dreams and aspirations.”

Coldplay concert

Ayoub - Ma Philosophie by Amel Bent

“My first language is French so of course I wanted to pick a French song. This song is really powerful, and it inspires and motivates me to always be myself, follow my dreams, and never give up. It helps me to believe in myself and continue being me no matter what.”

Tooba - Mount Everest by Labrinth

“I think this song serves as a motivating anthem for PR professionals like me. The song's lyrics also resonate with me on a personal level as they capture the essence of navigating the highs and lows of life, from exciting moments to frustrating setbacks. The line "I'm on top of the world, I'm on top of the world" embodies the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment we experience when overcoming obstacles.”

Fadi – The Sound of Silence by Disturbed

“I think the world is full of noise and people always have something to say, so it is nice to experience silence sometimes. The song speaks to me as I like to occasionally immerse myself in complete silence where I can be with my own thoughts.”

Floretta - Mi Corazon by Don Moen

“Mi Corazon, which translates to My Heart, is a song that I take great inspiration from. It really speaks to my soul, and I always get great comfort when listening to the captivating lyrics.”

Lloyd – This City by Sam Fischer

“This is always my go-to song. I find this song so powerful as it helped me realise that I was not alone in my struggles and that countless people around me were also looking for a sense of belonging and purpose. This song is an ode to hope, unity, and the power of the human spirit, and I find the lyrics resonate with me deeply.”

Live concert

Petra – New York by Alicia Keys

“This song is one of my absolute favourites because the lyrics are so powerful. I like what Alicia Keys represents in the song, but also the lyrics speak about how you can achieve anything you put your mind to, which I am a real believer in.”

Riya - Die For You by Joji

“I love this song and it was definitely one that helped me get through the year. It has such a powerful message, and it is a song that reminds me to constantly learn and not to make the same mistakes again, both on a personal level and a professional one.”

Morgan - Getcha Back by The Beach Boys

“This is my favourite song on the "Sounds of Summer" album by The Beach Boys. Perhaps it is their most summery album, but I listen to it all season long. I think this song perfectly represents my recent past as I have just moved to Dubai, which feels like an endless summer compared to my usually wintery ways back in Canada.”

Music is the great connector, transcending walls and boundaries to bring people together into a shared love that is heard everywhere. It is boundless in itself and it is always on a never-ending journey of creative possibilities. The song choices above are just a glimpse into the infinite vastness that this medium possesses and how it is the perfect way to express unexpressed feelings.

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As we look forward to 2024, we are excited to see what the future holds and discover even more musical masterpieces that perfectly resonate with our unique dreams, desires, and feelings. Such an important part of everyone’s lives, enriching so many facets of it, music lets us experience extraordinary moments of happiness and also has the power to move us to tears!

For more related updates and to Katch us covering similar topics, watch this space!

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