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Katch Up on the Latest Marketing Trends

by Eamonn Liddy | 10th June 2020 | Communication,Digital,Marketing,Public Relations,Social Media
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The world has changed considerably in just a few short months, and marketing trends have changed with it. From our PR to our social media and digital marketing teams, Katch always stays on top of the latest trends.

By doing so, we are able to continuously adapt and evolve our services to keep clients ahead of the game. Katch the latest marketing trends making waves online during COVID-19, below:

The Rise of User-Generated Content

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With marketing budgets being slashed and many people still working from home, brands have been forced to rethink their communications strategies. While user-generated content (UGC) has long been used by brands on social media, its popularity has soared to new heights during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, it’s easy to see why. As people have found themselves stuck at home during lockdown, many have turned their attention to content creation. This has subsequently led to a new-found sense of online community spirit, as social media users have flocked online in search of positive and uplifting content to lift their spirits during such difficult circumstances.

Of course, this trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by brands, who have jumped at the chance to utilise quality UGC to effectively connect with consumers, without having to spend a fortune. According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of consumers trust organic UGC more than traditional advertising. Therefore, with social media engagement up by 61% during lockdown, UGC is far more likely to make a mark than a big-budget campaign. The ‘Stay Home. Stay Playful‘ campaign by Oreo is a great example of how UGC can be utilised as a powerful and engaging marketing tool.

The Value of In-App Advertising

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As with most things digital, app usage has surged during the pandemic. A report by EMarketer shows that smartphone users spent 90% of their time in apps in 2019. Additionally, data from App Annie highlights Q1 2020 as the largest quarter ever in terms of consumer spend on apps. These stats underline the massive potential of in-app advertising and its ability to significantly raise brand awareness and consumer engagement. Moreover, it offers brands more opportunities to customise their advertising content to appeal to a diverse range of demographics.

TikTok, for example, has stood out from the crowd during the pandemic and is one of 2020’s most downloaded apps. In addition to attracting millions of users, the video-sharing app has enabled brands to engage with and advertise to a worldwide audience that values authentic and entertaining content. In particular, brands have been able to utilise the TikTok Ads platform for targeting, ad creation, detailed insights, and ad management tools throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Unsurprisingly, TikTok’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed by the likes of Facebook and Instagram. The social media giants have been trialing new features and enhancing their platforms to incorporate TikTok-like features.

Selling Through Social

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Shoppable social media posts are also going from strength to strength during the pandemic. Demand for traditional e-commerce hasn’t been the only thing to skyrocket recently; more and more consumers have also been shopping directly through social media. According to Forbes, 72% of Instagrammers have bought products on the app. Furthermore, of 4,000 Pinterest users surveyed, 70% use the app to browse new products. As a result, social networks are becoming more e-commerce-friendly and developing new ways for businesses to connect with customers.  

In the world of e-commerce, consumers crave convenience. By creating shoppable posts, brands are able to capitalise on this ever-increasing demand for convenience. At the same time, they can transform their social media channels into even more powerful marketing tools. This, in turn, will ensure they expand their reach, appeal to wider audiences and stand out from competitors. 

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