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Katching Hearts and Minds: Dubai’s Businesses Cultivating Meaningful, Long-lasting Customer Connections

by Ashraf Ibrahim | 16th October 2023 | Communication,Disruption,Hospitality,Public Relations
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Through masterclasses, events, and panel discussions, Dubai businesses are creating lasting customer connections that are deep-rooted and personal

It’s hard to think of ways to describe Dubai without mentioning its ever-thriving business sector. In a city known for its competitive environment, forging genuine rapport with customers is crucial to maintaining an ecosystem of engagement and loyalty. Events, masterclasses, panel discussions, and workshops are great examples of what businesses in Dubai are doing to connect and create lasting bonds with their customers and Katch International is lucky to partner with some incredible clients that are at the forefront of this movement.

Creating Tangible Memories Through Events

Businesses in Dubai are known for their appetite to host sensational events, and for good reason. Events are not only about creating a buzz; they can serve as a bridge to connect brands with customers. In an event, brands can spark face-to-face dialogues with people, showcase new products or concepts, and present the company’s values and visions, creating deep, long-lasting connections.

A restaurant, for instance, can host an exclusive event, such as a chef’s table, where attendees can savour new dishes, engage with the chef, and see the food being prepared in real-time. A bar can also invite people to try out new cocktail mixes or even get involved in the mixology process itself. Hotels and resorts can make the opening of their new venues less about promoting the brand and more about engaging the guests with special activities that draw repeated visits.

Hosting events doesn’t always need to be about the brand itself, but it can extend to other areas as well, such as national days and awareness initiatives. One of the most recent examples is the Ladies Pink Night, hosted by Lucky Voice to celebrate this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During the month of October, Dubai’s favourite karaoke bar is turning pink and inviting guests to do their part to support this worthy cause with a range of fun activities scheduled.


Many other well-known brands, notably Rixos Premium Dubai, Address Beach Resort, More Cravings by Marriott BonvoyTM, and The H Dubai are also spreading this important message of “think pink” throughout October by organising a whole host of pink-themed initiatives.

Learning and Beyond - The New Era of Masterclasses

Masterclasses have been rapidly expanding beyond their original purpose of education, creating a nexus of communication between brands and consumers. Attending a learning session or a workshop cultivates a sense of community and entrenches deeper business-customer relationships. Businesses in Dubai are taking masterclasses to new heights with innovative ways to engage customers and catch both their hearts and minds.

Utilising masterclasses is especially popular in the F&B and hospitality industries, where companies are elevating creativity with an array of workshops and other classes. This year, Address Fountain View co-organised a masterclass about design and creativity, while Wagamama Palm celebrated National Katsu Curry Day with a workshop. Other industries in Dubai have also become part of this exciting trend, with the likes of Ideal Standard honouring Emirati Women’s Day with a live painting session.

chicken katsu curry

On-stage Engagement with Panel Discussions

Furthering the relationship with customers can even go deeper with panel discussions. These on-stage conversations and debates are a great way to let the customers know about a brand’s leaders and their knowledge and opinions. Panels also enable the audience to voice their opinions and concerns directly or even ask the panellists questions and hear their opinions on matters that can be related or unrelated to the brand’s core business.

A business in Dubai can seek more connections with its customers through panel discussions by hosting the dialogue itself, being a panel guest, or collaborating with other experts to run the discussion. One of the preeminent examples took place this year during Emirati Women’s Day. Big names in hospitality such as Palace Downtown, along with brands from other sectors like Ether by Cloud Space, brought prominent Emirati female entrepreneurs and leaders to share their views in a series of thought-provoking panel discussions.

Personalisation: The Cornerstone for Customer Loyalty

Events, masterclasses, and panels are almost always about giving the customers a personalised experience and forging a sense of belonging. People love to be treated based on who they are and what they prefer. Whatever the type of business, mastering personalisation is the cornerstone to preserving customer loyalty and a great way to create lasting relationships.

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