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Katch up on the Musical Extravaganza that was the Region’s First Mega Festival: UNTOLD Dubai

by Ashraf Ibrahim | 21st February 2024 | Public Relations,Social Media,Food and Beverage
Mainstage at UNTOLD Dubai

Held from February 15th to 18th, UNTOLD Dubai was the talk of the town, unfolding into an electrifying spectacle and ushering in a new era of musical brilliance in Dubai

As the glitter settles on the debut edition of UNTOLD Dubai, the city is still buzzing with the echoes of the mind-blowing performances and unrivalled energy that swept through Expo City Dubai. Between February 15th and 18th, Dubai morphed into a hub of musical magic, where over 100 artists rocked 5 stunning stages, creating an experience that etched memories into the hearts of the hundreds of thousands of souls who attended this incredible festival. As the PR partner of UNTOLD Dubai, our team at Katch International was right in the middle of all the action, witnessing every exhilarating moment unfolding on the stage and beyond.

A Global Symphony of Sounds and Emotions from Over 100 Talents

The heart of UNTOLD Dubai beat with the rhythm of musical ingenuity, as artists from around the world converged to deliver mesmerising performances that spanned genres and defied expectations. From the pulsating beats of EDM and the fusion sounds of R&B to the energetic vocals of K-pop, each artist ignited the spirits of the audience and left them spellbound with their breathtaking performances. Every performance was a wild ride of self-discovery and shared celebration, uniting festivalgoers from all corners of the globe to groove, smile, and craft unforgettable memories.

Ellie Goulding at UNTOLD Dubai

The mind-blowing stages welcomed globally renowned artists such as TIËSTO, the “Godfather of EDM”, Sebastian Ingrosso, renowned for his work with the Swedish House Mafia supergroup, PSY, the global sensation lauded for his chart-topping single “Gangnam Style”, and Timmy Trumpet, an Australian trumpet star. Contemporary music lovers also enjoyed one-of-a-kind performances from the Jamaican-American trio Major Lazer, while DJ fanatics put seat belts on their ears as a series of European DJs set the stage ablaze, including Armin Van BuurenHardwell, Hot Since 82, and many others.

5 Stages to Enter Unlimited Realms of Musical Ecstasy

Expo City Dubai transformed into a world of sonic wonder, where each stage was a portal to a distinct musical universe. The Main Stage emerged as the epicentre of excitement, hosting global icons and emerging talents alike, while the Galaxy Stage transported attendees to the cosmos with its breathtaking visuals and pulsating beats. Music aficionados also enjoyed jaw-dropping performances at the Alchemy Stage, where artists fearlessly experimented with new genres, concocting a symphony of sounds that pushed the boundaries of musical innovation.

The Time Stage offered immersive experiences that blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, creating an atmosphere where hours felt like mere minutes. UNTOLD Dubai was also a haven for those with a penchant for nostalgia, where the Retro Fantesia Stage provided the perfect soundtrack to reminisce and revel in the timeless classics of yesteryears.

UNTOLD Dubai stage in red

Culinary Delights, Exhilarating Activations, and More

Beyond the electrifying performances, UNTOLD Dubai was a playground of sensory delights. While concertgoers marvelled at the incredible musical mastery, a delectable culinary journey was awaiting as well. Everyone was spoiled for choice with an extensive array of F&B options, including authentic pizzas from Pinza and Tonda, juicy chicken by BOX’ed and Chick’n Cone, Asian delights from Vietnamese Foodies, and succulent burgers from High Joint, Pickl, and JT. Vegan creations could be savoured from Dip Dash and Neat Burger, while fans of diverse Arabic cuisine tucked into some delicious bites from Allo Beirut.

Every corner of Expo City Dubai was alive with the spirit of creativity and innovation, as a myriad of renowned brands brought their unique flair to the event with captivating activations. Visitors revelled in the thrill of two engaging games hosted by Doritos, experiencing the adrenaline rush of competition while savouring the irresistible crunchiness of the brand’s beloved tortilla chips. At the Red Bull space, the brand infused an extra jolt of energy into the atmosphere with its specially branded DJ truck, boasting a state-of-the-art sound system and astonishing lighting.

Crowd at UNTOLD Dubai

The excitement was shifted up a gear in the Absolut space, featuring the dazzling ‘Rave Room’ that live-streamed music from the Alchemy Stage. For an added touch of sparkle, creative glitter artists were applying gems and jewels to those who wanted to stay glammed up all day long. Meanwhile, at Chalk’s vibrant hair salon, both men and women were treated to a fusion of style, music, and artistry, ensuring every guest left feeling and looking their absolute best.

Budweiser and Corona, two renowned hops brands, brought their distinctive flavour of festivity to UNTOLD Dubai with an expansive space featuring a consumer bar, seating area, silent disco, an interactive ball pit, and a lounge area. Inventive body paint artists were present as well, adding a touch of creative expression that resonated with the vibrant energy of the festival.

Blurring the lines between the past and the present was Vinyl Souk, a space where audiophiles enjoyed the clear, crisp, uncompressed sound of analogue audio. A heaven for all art aficionados, Vinyl Souk had a thrift shop, a photography workshop, and a marketplace where vinyl owners were able to trade their beloved records.

Vinyl disk

The legacy of UNTOLD Dubai will surely shape the musical landscape of the city and the region as a whole for years to come. As we bid farewell to this extraordinary chapter, we eagerly anticipate the dawn of a new era, brimming with the promise of countless exhilarating events and experiences yet to unfold.

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