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Did you Katch Ashna Mehta's Sports Jewellery Line Shining at the Recent NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023

by Paudie Marum | 30th October 2023 | Public Relations,Social Media,Marketing,Digital
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Boasting a wide selection of pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more, the beauty of Ashna Metha’s sports jewellery line was showcased in style at the event by the renowned Nathalie Mamo

Katch International is proud to present the latest dazzling collaboration that has taken the sporting and fashion worlds by storm. Ashna Mehta, a visionary leader in the jewellery industry, has recently created an exquisite collection of sports-themed jewellery. This captivating line includes basketball-themed necklaces and earrings, tennis-themed studs and pendants, and much more. Ashna’s new collection also recently had the honour of adorning Nathalie Mamo at the NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023, which took place earlier in October, highlighting the style, luxury, and class that each extraordinary piece possesses.

Diamond basketball hoops

Creativity Abound

Ashna Mehta, the creative genius behind this unique jewellery collection, is renowned for her exceptional talent and creative finesse. Her journey began within the illustrious Rosy Blue family, the world's largest diamond manufacturing company, where she developed a passion for precious gemstones. Her quest for knowledge and inspiration led her to various cultural hubs worldwide, refining her skills and absorbing diverse influences.

Building upon her family's legacy, Ashna found her true calling at Payal New York—an independent jewellery design house founded by her esteemed mother, Payal Mehta. Collaborating with her mother, Ashna ventured into the world of sports-themed jewellery, inspired by her personal journey as an active sports enthusiast.

Sports, Diamonds, and Unity

Ashna's jewellery collection beautifully marries her twin passions: sports and diamonds. She understands that sport is a unifying force, transcending cultural, religious, and social boundaries. Through her creations, she seeks to celebrate the indomitable spirit of the human mind and body, emphasising values like teamwork, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. Her jewellery serves as a metaphor for perseverance and hard work, capturing the dedication and determination required to achieve greatness.

Basketball studs

Beyond their radiance, Ashna perceives her designs as evoking wonder, elegance, and strength. They reflect the extraordinary journey that has propelled her to the forefront of the jewellery industry. Ashna invites wearers to adorn themselves with treasures that resonate with their own unique narrative, empowering them to embrace that inner brilliance and radiate unparalleled beauty.

Nathalie Mamo: A Sporting Sensation

Nathalie Mamo is no stranger to the sports and entertainment industry. Her impressive career has seen her as a Presenter and Producer for WWE in Dubai, and she's also held prominent roles with OSN, Sky News Arabia, and Murr TV. Her accolades extend much further beyond her broadcasting career. In 2010, she was even awarded the Women Sports Leader in Lebanon, highlighting her remarkable contributions to the world of sports.

At the recent NBA Abu Dhabi Games, Nathalie could be seen sporting several of Ashna’s superb pieces, giving them the perfect platform to be seen and enjoyed by a wider audience in the sporting world. Ashna views Nathalie as the perfect person to team up with, not only for the reach she has in sports, but also because she is a constant beacon of empowerment for women across the globe.

The NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023

The NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023 Presented by ADQ brought basketball fever to the heart of the United Arab Emirates. The pre-season games saw the Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves go head-to-head at the stunning Etihad Arena on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, on October 5th and 7th. A highlight of this year's event was the very first "NBA Fan Appreciation Day," which featured appearances by Mavericks and Timberwolves players and NBA legends, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kenny Smith. This eventful 90 minutes included a skills challenge, a three-point contest, a slam dunk contest, and signature NBA entertainment.

NBA Games Abu Dhabi

A Groundbreaking Partnership

The NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023 is part of a groundbreaking multi-year partnership between the NBA and DCT Abu Dhabi. This partnership extends to a variety of interactive fan events featuring appearances by current and former NBA players. Additionally, DCT Abu Dhabi, under "Experience Abu Dhabi," serves as the Official Tourism Destination Partner of the NBA in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and China.

Ashna Mehta's sports-themed jewellery collection is not just a testament to her creativity but a celebration of the unifying power of sports. Her designs offer people a unique opportunity to carry the spirit of sports with them, reminding people of the values that drive us towards excellence. With Nathalie Mamo's radiant presence at the NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2023, this collaboration truly shone, leaving a lasting impression on the world of sports and fashion.

Basketball hoop necklace

Stay tuned for more dazzling creations from Ashna Mehta, as she leads the way for others in the competitive world of luxury jewellery design.

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