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Katch The Power Of CSR: Boost Your Brand’s Image and Seize New Opportunities

by Mariam Maroof | 26th June 2023 | Communication,Public Relations,Marketing,Digital

In a world where consumers are looking to support socially responsible businesses, be the advocates of change and watch how your business prospers

In today's competitive business landscape, capturing people's attention and building a positive brand image is crucial for long-term success. While traditional marketing tactics still play a vital role, companies are increasingly realising the value of CSR activities in fostering meaningful connections with their audience. Through these activities, brands can display their values and create a positive impact.

With the aim to showcase the good being done by brands, PR agencies help companies leverage these efforts to enhance their image. We at Katch International work with several clients who are keen on addressing socio-economic concerns, and as a PR agency, we’re proud to be able to spread their message to the world. Keeping the long-term impact CSR activities can have on your brand image in mind, it’s interesting to see the many ways you can make an impact with even the simplest initiative.

Establishing a positive brand identity

CSR activities provide an opportunity for brands to align themselves with social causes that resonate with their target audience and the brand’s own core values. By participating in initiatives related to several social issues, companies can highlight their commitment to making a difference. This demonstrates that they are more than just profit-driven entities but also are those genuinely concerned with societal issues. Such engagement helps in building a positive brand identity, creating a connection with like-minded individuals, and catching people's attention.

With food waste contributing significantly to pollution, W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island launched a fascinating initiative to tackle the issue. To lessen the detrimental effects spoilt herbs and vegetables cause, W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island introduced an on-site Vertical Hydroponic Farm. Known as the Vertical Garden, the farm aims to educate guests on ways they can reduce their carbon footprint.


The results have been equally as fascinating as the initiative. W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island’s Vertical Garden has allowed the property and its chefs to grow their own produce, making way for meals that are prepared with fresh, and flavourful ingredients. The in-house farm has also made it easier to assure no goods are destroyed during transportation and are collected only at their full maturity.

Employee Engagement

Corporate volunteering is a great way to promote employee engagement at work. It provides employees with a sense of purpose and motivates them to contribute positively to have a greater social impact. Teamwork and collaboration also allow employees to become familiar with each other's values and build a warm and inclusive work culture.

For instance, Rixos Premium Dubai, in collaboration with the Arabian Desert Camel Riding Centre, volunteered for a desert clean-up activity that saw as much as 80 kgs of trash collected. Among the waste that was collected were objects that are incredibly harmful to Camels and other wildlife nearby. A total of 21 dedicated employees from Rixos and ADCR participated in the activity, where they were also educated on the importance of preserving the desert ecosystem. As advocates of change, Rixos Premium Dubai aims to lead by example, and by organising this worthwhile activity with the help of their employees, they were able to put their best foot forward and help a cause they truly believe in.

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Empowering businesses through humanitarian efforts

Donating funds to charities, sponsoring fundraising events, or spending their resources to help humanitarian causes are some efforts businesses can undertake to show their support towards causes they value. While these help enhance a company’s reputation, provide opportunities for recognition, and create avenues for growth, they can also help consumers understand that businesses are committed to the betterment of society and not just to making a profit.

Committed to making a change, Katch played a key role in assisting Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai organise weekly workshops for students from the Rashid Center for People of Determination. This CSR activation provided training in key areas of hospitality to students and served as a great way for them to learn from among the best in the industry. Those at Centara proved to be incredibly inclusive and supportive, making the weekly activity an enormous success.

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Another effort we helped in spreading the word for was the grand iftar hosted by our client, The H Dubai. Organised in honour of World Autism Day, The H Dubai invited students of Georgetown Early Intervention Center along with their families for a special iftar that was aimed at giving attendees an unforgettable experience. As a well-deserved treat for the children, the iftar featured a special buffet that was complete with their favourites snacks and the hotel gave away gifts including sensory toys and masks. The iftar proved to be an enormous success among both children and parents who felt immensely welcomed and unjudged in the public setting.

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CSR activities are a strategic approach that hits two birds with one stone. Not only do CSR initiatives help you address and support issues of global concern but can also help positively impact a company’s brand image. Katch International strives to assist like-minded businesses in conducting their contributions towards such social and environmental issues. Let’s work together to bring about change for the better!

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