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Katch up on Four Seasons’ strides to redefine hospitality and leisure in the MENA region and beyond

by Ashraf Ibrahim | 1st April 2024 | Communication,Disruption,Hospitality,Public Relations
Four Seasons Dubai hotel

The brand has been on a whirlwind journey over the past few years, introducing innovative concepts that define its signature experience and offering a new take on luxury hospitality across the globe

Luxury and opulence - that’s probably what first leaps to mind when Four Seasons, the renowned hotel brand with over 100 properties worldwide, is mentioned. While this still typifies the brand’s essence, Four Seasons offers more than just exquisite stays, developing its own signature experience and aiming to continue reshaping the hospitality landscape. As the official PR agency of Four Seasons, Katch International is excited to support the company’s ongoing strides to revolutionise hospitality, and today we offer a glimpse into what makes Four Seasons stand out in this competitive market.

Blending with Local Cultures

Focusing on cultural integration adds a flair to every hotel, providing authentic experiences that embrace the traditions of each region to create meaningful connections with guests. Four Seasons’ MENA hotels are a perfect example of successful cultural integration, with a dedicated concierge team offering various tours to immerse guests in the rich tapestry of history and culture. From the ancient landmarks of Alexandria, and the famous rock-cut architecture of Petra, to the National Museum of Qatar, and so much more, every property allows guests to delve deep into the heart and soul of its respective region.

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Capturing the essence of local festivities in a truly authentic manner is of equal importance, adding a unique and memorable touch to guests’ overall experience. During Ramadan, for instance, Four Seasons curates a myriad of diverse experiences that showcase the varied celebrations of the holy month across different countries. Guests can enjoy something special at each property, such as the Ghabga celebrations – a traditional Kuwaiti night, welcoming guests with Bahraini sweets, hosting authentic suhoors under the sky with hubbly bubbly, and curating iftar spreads celebrating the local cuisines of Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and more.

Beyond cultural celebrations, the brand is also capitalising on the power of art to infuse local elements into its properties, which was recently demonstrated at Four Seasons Resort and Residences at The Pearl-Qatar. This glamourous hotel has collaborated with Clym Evernden, a world-famous artist, to create a series of artworks that portray its vibrant energy and its relation to the city of Doha. Comprising 4 incredible illustrations and 4 animated videos, these artworks presented a playful peek into Qatari culture and the hotel’s elegance and charm. In the near future, Clym will host masterclasses at the property where he will share his knowledge and unique perspective on Qatar with local artists.

Culinary Innovation with Michelin Starred Dining

There’s no better way to create memorable experiences for guests than tantalising their taste buds with state-of-the-art culinary creations. Fine dining, particularly at Michelin-starred restaurants, elevates the brand’s reputation to unparalleled heights, becoming a beacon for discerning travellers seeking gastronomic excellence. Leveraging its extensive portfolio of Michelin-starred venues, Four Seasons has garnered acclaim for its culinary brilliance, boasting an impressive 32 stars that showcase the world’s diverse gastronomic landscape and most exquisite dishes.

Four Seasons food

Among the notable culinary destinations at Four Seasons is Pierre Herme Patisserie, with Katch recently attending its launch event at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh. Offering museum-worthy desserts, this exquisite boutique brings to the Kingdom the vision and gastronomic brilliance of Pierre Herme, a world-renowned Chef known as the “Picasso of Pastry”. In the bustling peninsula of Qatar, guests can embark on a different culinary adventure at La Méditerranée Robuchon at Four Seasons at The Pearl-Qatar, which celebrates the creative genius of the French gastronomy master Joël Robuchon and serves up some of the world’s finest dishes prepared with French and Mediterranean flair.

World-class Leisure: Private Jet Tours and Yacht Luxury Cruises

Expanding beyond hospitality, Four Seasons is turning leisure into a luxury adventure with the introduction of private jet tours and yacht experiences. Recognising the discerning tastes of its clientele, Four Seasons now organises its own private jet itineraries, maintaining the same high standards the brand is widely known for in its hotels and residences.

Recently, the brand has announced its latest private jet itineraries for 2025. Elevating luxury to the sky, the upcoming tours will take guests on the journey of a lifetime with three private jet experiences: International Intrigue, African Wonders, and World of Adventures. These incredible tours promise some of the world’s most extraordinary adventures, flying guests across the idyllic beaches of the Maldives, the endless plains of the Serengeti, the awe-inspiring pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and beyond.

Moving from the high skies to the calming waters of the ocean, Four Seasons is gearing up to enter the realm of upscale yachts, with its first yacht cruise set to take place in 2025. Boasting 95 suites and a wealth of avant-garde amenities, including spa facilities and private pools, this 4-level yacht will offer a seamless blend of relaxation and adventure.

Four Seasons Yachts

Leaving a Positive Impact with Various Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability has been on everyone's lips for the past decade, becoming a fundamental aspect of modern hospitality where hotels can show how they’re leveraging their immense influence to foster positive change. With a strong history of supporting communities and the environment, Four Seasons has launched various initiatives as part of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy. Driven by its worldwide sustainability strategies, the company seeks to continuously preserve and regenerate the places where it operates.

On a regional level, Four Seasons’ properties across the Middle East and North Africa also host various campaigns to foster a lasting impact on the planet and society. In the UAE, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach has installed EV charging stations along with solar panels for water heating, implemented fully plant-based menus, and participated in beach cleanup activities through the CleanUp UAE Programme. Almost all Four Seasons’ properties across the MENA region have been involved in similar projects, including Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, and Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait.

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi

Global Expansion with a Focus on the MENA Region

An exciting journey lies ahead for Four Seasons as it continues to expand and develop its inimitable offerings. Last year, the company launched Four Seasons at The Pearl-Qatar, and is now preparing to open new properties across the MENA region, including Four Seasons Hotel Rabat at Kasr Al Bahr in Morocco and Four Seasons Resort and Residences AMAALA at Triple Bay. Globally, the company also launched Four Seasons Hotel Dalian in China in 2024, and is looking forward to introducing even more hotels this year, such as Four Seasons Resort Mallorca at Formentor in Spain, and Four Seasons Resort Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Four Seasons is making waves in the world of hospitality and leisure, creating some of the most incredible experiences and embracing service excellence, local culture, and sustainability in everything they do. From exquisite hotels and ritzy residences to unrivalled private jet experiences and upcoming yacht cruises, Four Seasons envisions a bright future for the hospitality and leisure industries with elevated standards of luxury and sophistication.

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