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Katch it before it’s gone - The Power of Ephemeral Marketing

by Paudie Marum | 8th May 2023 | Communication,Disruption,Marketing,Social Media
Ephemeral Marketing

In a FOMO wins world, marketing that captures attention and creates urgency is turning out to be an effective tool for brands that are willing to think outside the box

In a rapidly changing world where trends come and go before you even learn how to say them, PR and Communications are undergoing a revolution. Obsolete PR tools are being replaced with innovation and freshness, and marketing is losing resemblance with its conventional self by the day. Social media has shortened attention spans to as low as 3 seconds, and if you want to sell anything to anyone, that is your window. This has led to the rise of marketing trends that are aligned with the pulse of now, trends that understand the new consumer’s mindset, waste no time, and create impact almost immediately.

In recent years, the marketing and PR world has seen a rise in the use of ephemeral marketing, a strategy that involves creating short-lived content, online and offline, that disappears after a set amount of time. Over the years, audiences have tuned out traditional advertisements to background noise. By creating content that is only available for a short period of time, brands can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, which creates allure, which in turn urges people to engage with it immediately, lest they miss out. This tactic is known to work like magic and forms the crux of why ephemeral marketing is effective.

As a classic example, Nike’s Air Jordan Press Release on Snapchat sold out in a whopping 23 minutes. As brands started to learn more about this form of marketing, they started understanding that they cannot rely on online ephemeral means only and need to engage in experiential marketing to deliver sensational experiences. Thus, came the concept of pop-up stores. Adidas was one of the first few brands to pick up on this growing trend, and in 2017, they hosted one in Germany where the pop-up store could scan the customer’s body, design a custom sweater, knit it for them in the store, and have it ready for them in four hours.

Always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest trends in PR, Katch International has hosted and organised several such memorable activations for brands. Our most groundbreaking pop-up in recent times was organised for global K-Pop sensations BTS, prior to their concert in the UAE. As the official PR and Communications partner for Live Nation, Katch was proud to be working with such a huge K-Pop band's first pop-up store ever in the Middle East. The pop-up store, which opened its doors in September 2022, added a refreshed set of products every two weeks, and the first 50 visitors received a signed poster as an added bonus. The campaign was an overwhelming hit and very well received by the BTS ARMY of fans, some of whom even flew in from other GCC countries to witness the fun.

Other examples of Katch’s success with ephemeral marketing include the sneaker pop-up with Laybull - a live marketplace for purchasing highly sought-after fashion merchandise. The pop-up was held at W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island during the F1 weekend and was brilliantly received by hype-wear lovers. Another notable experiential campaign was the brand launch for Lululemon at Rixos Premium Dubai, where two brands with similar ethos and community-driven identities came together to create a magical evening for attendees. W Abu Dhabi also saw another pop-up by Mattar Farms, where the artisan smoked meat brand allowed visitors to enjoy the full range of their mouthwatering smoked meats without having to travel to Dubai to experience it. These pop-ups are great examples of how Katch International brings its clients together with brands that perfectly complement their taste, style, and ideology.

In the holy month of Ramadan, Katch International was also part of initiating several retail pop-ups in collaboration with luxury brands in Abu Dhabi. The First Charlotte Tilbury Majlis in the region welcomed guests from with a specially curated and iconic Charlotte Tilbury Ramadan café in the heart of Abu Dhabi. FENDI launched at Abu Dhabi's Tashas Al Bateen for the holy month of Ramadan to host their very own Ramadan Majlis, allowing the community to gather every evening for Suhoor. Also, Global fragrance brand Dyptique took over Ethr at Mamsha Saadiyat, bringing the Dyptique Café concept to life with specialised menus and workshops. These are just a few of the many instances where Katch International has used innovative PR tactics, and created campaigns that attract hordes of attention online and offline.

The above examples are a testament that as the world changes, so does the way we communicate, and PR and Communications are only effective when implemented in tandem with ever-changing trends.

To find out more and stay on top of such trends, watch this space!

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