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Punditry in Marketing: Katching the Right Balance Between Humour and Hurdles

by Paudie Marum | 29th April 2024 | Communication,Marketing,Public Relations
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Everyone loves a good pun, they’re as satisfactory as a factory that makes good products (get it? satis-factory), but are they the right way forward when it comes to marketing?

Puns, often labelled as the “dad-jokes” of wordplay, have found a curious home in the world of marketing. At Katch International, we always like to stay on top of trends, riding the proverbial wave of how to deliver a message in the best possible way. When it comes to humour, the enduring question is whether the pros of eliciting a chuckle outweigh the cons, which range from SEO challenges to the time-consuming nature of crafting clever wordplay.

As I started writing this blog, I thought up a whole host of puns to write in my opening monologue, eventually narrowing it down to ten possible options to see which might work, but after careful consideration, no pun in ten did. This is the problem perhaps with puns, it takes so long to try to think of a funny one, but in the end is it even that funny? In this blog we will weigh up the pros and cons of this enigmatic riddle and try to decide once and for all, are puns really all that punderful?

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The Essence of Puns: A Linguistic Puzzle

John Pollack, author of The Pun Also Rises, defines puns as a form of wordplay that hinges on multiple interpretations of a word due to its sound. This age-old linguistic tool, championed by the renowned English wordsmith Shakespeare, adds layers of meaning to short and witty phrases, engaging the audience in a mental treasure hunt.

Puns can be so varied, from the unsuccessful baker who had to close his business because he kneaded dough to the dyslexic man who sold his soul to Santa, but yet they nearly always garner a response. Even though vegetable puns can be really corny, the vast majority of people still get that little warm, fuzzy feeling when they pull off a good one.

Baker Kneading Bread

The Pros of Punny Business

Marketing teams, despite the eye-rolls associated with puns, continue to deploy them strategically for a multitude of reasons. Puns have the innate ability to engage attention in a landscape saturated with serious messages. By injecting campaigns with colour and originality, puns naturally stand out, effortlessly capturing the audience’s focus. This attention-grabbing quality can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, enabling brands to cut through the noise and leave a memorable impression.

The shareability and relatability of humorous campaigns, adorned with puns, contribute to their effectiveness. Puns add a contagious quality to the content, prompting the audience to share what tickles their funny bone. This not only expands the reach of the campaign but also fosters a sense of relatability and trustworthiness. The shared laughter creates a communal experience, strengthening the connection between the audience and the brand.

Humour, encapsulated in puns, goes beyond mere amusement; it taps into emotions, fostering an emotional connection between the audience and the brand. Neuro-imagery scans indicate that emotional connections significantly influence brand perception, overshadowing the impact of factual information. In essence, by incorporating puns into campaigns, marketing teams can leverage the emotional resonance of humour to create a lasting and positive association with their brand in the minds of their target audience without having to fill the campaign with too many facts and stats.

The Cons of Punny Dilemmas

The charm of puns, however, is not without its challenges, requiring you to navigate carefully through potential pitfalls. One significant hurdle is the SEO quagmire, as search engine algorithms, designed to favour simplicity, logic, and succinctness, often clash with the intricate nature of puns. This misalignment can impact a brand’s online visibility, as search engines may struggle to comprehend or prioritise content rich in wordplay.

A building maze

In addition to SEO challenges, the time-consuming nature of crafting a good pun presents another obstacle in the fast-paced world of content creation. The quest for cleverness may inadvertently slow down the content creation process, demanding valuable time that could be allocated to more straightforward forms of communication. The intricacies of wordplay demand a level of creativity that, if not managed efficiently, can hinder productivity.

The potential misalignment of puns with the sensibilities of every brand or audience adds another layer of complexity. Inappropriately used puns can convey an unprofessional image or, in some cases, be perceived as offensive. Understanding the audience's preferences and the brand's identity becomes crucial to avoid alienating or unintentionally upsetting the very audience a marketing campaign seeks to engage.

Striking the Balance in Wordplay

In the vast spectrum of puns, moderation and understanding the audience become pivotal. Brands need to recognise the context and nuances, ensuring that puns align with the identity and preferences of the people they want to convey their message to.

Scales balanced

To pun or not to pun, that is the question. While puns can add a touch of humour to marketing endeavours, their usage requires a certain level of responsibility. Regardless of what funny caption, slogan, or wordplay you might come up with, brands should maintain their essence, avoid meaningless communications, and ensure that puns are not lost in translation.

In the grand scheme, puns are like spices in a dish – a sprinkle adds flavour, but an excess can spoil the entire recipe. I would urge everyone to pun with caution, infuse campaigns with wit, and let their wordplay resonate without overshadowing the essence of the message.

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