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Katching The Spirit of Empowerment: A Recap of the Remarkable Emirati Women’s Day

by Maha Para | 11th September 2023 | Communication,Hospitality,Public Relations,Disruption
Emirati Women's Day

The UAE comes together annually to honour the enduring role of Emirati women in shaping its narrative of triumph

Emirati Women's Day, the annual event observed on August 28th, has evolved into a profound tribute to the trailblazing women who have propelled the United Arab Emirates towards progress and innovation. This year's celebrations resonated with the resounding importance of women's contributions, brought to life through a series of standout events designed to illuminate their achievements.

Recognising the Powerhouses of Progress

Emirati Women’s Day stands as a profound testament to the UAE's dedication to gender equality and the empowerment of women. This annual observance creates a collective pause to acknowledge the indispensable roles played by Emirati women across a spectrum of fields - from commerce and education to arts, science, and philanthropy. Their efforts stand as the bedrock upon which the UAE's advancement rests, and Emirati Women's Day serves as a poignant tribute to their unyielding commitment.

We Collaborate for Tomorrow

The 2023 theme of Emirati Women’s Day – ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow’ – aligned with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and emphasised the country’s commitment to fostering global collaboration and driving transformative change to prepare for a brighter future. As hosts of COP28 this year, the UAE has been pushing for Emirati women’s full and meaningful participation in tackling pressing climate change-related issues. Through their sheer competence, excellence, and creativity Emirati women have managed to ignite a catalytic impetus for sustainability initiatives, bringing forth progress in the energy transition and advanced technology.

COP 28 Dubai

Notably, in a remarkable display of gender equality in the UAE, prominent female leaders are poised to lead the charge at COP28, occupying two-thirds of the leadership positions and over 50 percent of the administrative team. This unprecedented representation not only reflects the UAE's commitment to inclusivity but also amplifies the voices and capabilities of Emirati women in the global discourse on climate action.

A Promising Horizon

Over the past years, the UAE has demonstrated remarkable progress towards closing the gender gap. In the United Nations Development Programme’s2022 Gender Inequality Index, the UAE achieved a prestigious first place ranking in the Arab world and an impressive 11th place globally. It also topped the countries of the Middle East and North Africa region for the third consecutive year in the World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law Report 2023 and ranked first among Arab countries in the World Economic Forum 2022 Global Gender Gap Report.

These commendable rankings affirm the UAE's dedication to fostering an inclusive society where opportunities and rights are extended equitably to all, regardless of gender.

Painting the Canvas of Empowerment

This year's Emirati Women's Day was a canvas painted with vibrant and illuminating events, spotlighting the achievements and potential of women in the UAE.

Katch International helped illuminate the efforts of some well-known brands this year and shone a light on some of the remarkable achievements of inspiring Emirati women.

Notable among these was a series of thought-provoking panel discussions. One such discussion, 'Seat of Your Soul,' was hosted by Palace Downtown and moderated by Katch’s very own Petra B Spanko. This dialogue featured inspiring women, including Nouf Omar - The Youngest Emirati Female Pilot, Hamda Taryam - UAE's First Female Drag Racer, Dr. Hanan Almheiri - Founder of Hanan Empire, and Jazie Suwaidi - Founder of Flaunte. The discussion provided insights into their remarkable journeys, the obstacles they surmounted, and the wisdom they gained.

Palace Downtown

Another inspiring panel discussion hosted by Ether by Cloud Spaces, brought together prominent Emirati female entrepreneurs, including the likes of Sara Al Shorouqi and Azza Akmughairy. Their discussion delved into the art of building successful brands, weaving a narrative of determination, innovation, and resilience.

These interactions created a powerful platform for the exchange of experiences, the cultivation of mentorship, and the ignition of the younger generation's passion to embrace their dreams with an inspiring level of grit.

Forging Excellence

A striking highlight of this year's festivities was the inclusion of masterclasses led by accomplished women across diverse domains. One remarkable instance of this was the collaborative effort between our esteemed client, Address Fountain View, and the visionary designer Wafa Balaswad. In this masterclass that bore the name "The Journey of Design Inside and Out: Wafa Balaswad," attendees were treated to an interactive session that not only shed light on Wafa Balaswad's inspiring journey but also allowed them to delve into her world of designs, inspirations, and creative processes.

These masterclasses were not only avenues for knowledge enhancement but also spaces for networking and learning from seasoned mentors. The provision of such educational opportunities underscored the UAE's dedication to nurturing the potential of its women, equipping them with the tools necessary to excel.

In yet another captivating session hosted at Address Fountain View, attendees had the privilege of engaging with the author of "The Hidden White Thread" Salha Obeaid. The event unfolded as a literary journey, where Obeaid shared glimpses of her work. Through her words the audience was inspired to embrace their own stories, passions, and aspirations, reaffirming the power of storytelling as a tool for empowerment and unity.

Emirati Women's Day, with its annual recurrence, has transformed into a moment of reverence, gratitude, and empowerment. It is a vibrant ode to the fortitude of Emirati women, who have defied boundaries and expectations. In the spirit of this celebration, Katch International is proud to have been a part of events that exemplified the essence of this day.

As the UAE progresses, Emirati women continue to stand as a shining testament to the power of determination, innovation, and resilience.

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