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Katch us with W Abu Dhabi Yas Island, for the second series of “What She Said” Event

by Hollie Singleton | 1st April 2022 | Hospitality,Public Relations,Communication
What She Said

In light of International Women’s Day this March, Katch International hosted the What She Said event with an incredible lineup of panelists and brand partners at W Abu Dhabi, Yas Island.

March 2022 was a very busy month at Katch International, as the Dubai team now supports W Hotel, Yas Island Abu Dhabi with their Public Relations and Communications services. W Hotels, part of Marriott International Inc., has disrupted and redefined the hospitality scene for nearly two decades, with more than 50 hotels globally. Katch is proud to support W Yas Island as they stand as an iconic, go-to location in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island.

W Hotels Abu Dhabi Yas Island What She Said

In the spirit of International Women's Day, the Katch team was tasked with the event coordination for the second series of “What She Said” yearly events at W. The W team and Katch team worked closely to create this year's theme of “The Voice of Social Media”  which comprised key trailblazing women leaders who use their social media voice as a global megaphone. The second of its series sees two facets of social media; on one end social media personalities use the platform as a tool to voice and encourage body positivity, mental health, and self-love; and, on the other hand, tackle the negativity directed by their way for being transparent through daily comments which can often be hurtful and impact mental wellbeing and careers.

W Hotels Abu Dhabi Yas Island What She Said Venue Shot

The panel consisted of moderator Anna Roberts, the founder of Achievher, communication coach, and an award-winning TV and Radio host with three key female change-makers including Laura Leonide, a plus size fashion model, Danae Mercer, former Editor-In-Chief of Women’s Health Middle East and Emaan Abbass, founder of feminine wellness brand, Ketish. The Katch team even arranged to fly Danae in from Rome to be a part of this amazing event. The team we’re so lucky to handpick these individuals who come from every walk of life to embrace their idiosyncrasies with confidence. The panelists shared a series of conversations celebrating individuality, inclusivity, and honesty, tackling the issues that come with social media power and presence. On top of this, the Katch team joined forces with homegrown and women-owned brands Achievher, Ketish, Glossy Lounge, and Sugargram as official partners for the event.

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