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Weekdays are the New Weekends: Katch up on all Dubai has to Offer, Every day of the Week

by Ashraf Ibrahim | 6th November 2023 | Food and Beverage,Hospitality,Communication,Public Relations
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While consumers in big cities seem to live for the weekends, Dubai is experiencing a distinctive shift, with so much to do during the week that the weekend never seems to stop

What’s the most exciting day of the week? For people in most international cities, Saturday and Sunday take the spotlight as everyone’s favourites, but not in Dubai. Nonstop excitement is shaping the city’s daily life, blurring the line between weekdays and weekends, which are now bustling with activities and events. At Katch International, we are lucky enough to enjoy Dubai’s thrills and spills first hand, and today we shed light on how this city keeps its vibrancy ongoing every day of the week.

Dubai vs. the World: Endless Excitement from Monday to Sunday

A worldwide trend of habitual change is happening in international cities like London, Tokyo, and New York, leading to consumers going out more on weekends as their only escape from the fast pace of life. The buzzing city of Dubai, however, is breaking this mould. Unlike its peers, Dubai is bursting with incredible venues and events that keep the thrills going, from early Monday morning to late Sunday night.

Exploring the Uncharted Fun of Weekdays

A global city like no other, Dubai’s hustle and bustle doesn’t take a day off. As one of the first cities to widely adopt the work-from-home and remote work lifestyle, people have more time for themselves during the week, with countless bars and restaurants offering incredible deals and fun activities embracing different themes for every occasion.

Quiz nights are among the most entertaining, where you can put your wits to the test and have a chance of winning incredible prizes. Games nights also have their place during the week, as Boom Battle Bar Dubai at DoubleTree by Hilton, Dubai - Jumeirah Beach elevates night entertainment through amusing games such as Shuffleboard and Beer Pong. For those seeking fine dining during the day, a variety of business lunch offers are on hand from some of the top dining spots with majestic views of the city, including The Restaurant at Address Downtown and The Restaurant at Address Sky View.

Boom Battle Bar beer pong

When it comes to the ladies, plenty of bars host extravagant ladies’ nights on weekdays, especially on Thursdays. Some of the most exciting are held at Republic Adda Bar & Lounge at DoubleTree by Hilton, Dubai - Business Bay, where guests can enjoy tempting Indian flavours whilst marvelling at the most stunning skyline views, Belgian Beer Café at Grand Millennium Dubai where diners have a chance to experience the authentic European style and taste of Belgium, and Li’Brasil at Address Beach Resort where midweek revellers can savour an upbeat night filled with fun, superb cocktails, and much more.

Moving to Friday nights, Dubai comes alive again with incredible happy hour offers spanning many of the most beloved bars in the city. Some venues like The Restaurant at Address Sky Vieweven take Fridays to new levels to tempt the epicureans, offering irresistible seafood, moreish desserts, and much more. Special-themed, non-recurring nights and events also regularly take place during the weekdays, including the special Ladies Pink Night at Lucky Voice bar, and the mind-bending quizzes and thrilling games at Rove Downtown to celebrate the Greek culture.

Lucky Voice karaoke

Dubai Weekends: A Brunch Paradise

Dubai’s weekends are as busy and vibrant as the weekdays, especially when it comes to brunches. On Saturdays, many people flock to the upbeat atmosphere found in the city’s popular brunches that take them on a gastronomic journey no matter the venue or the cuisine. There’s the iconic Brunch BELEZA at Li'Brasil at Address Beach Resort, a fusion of Brazilian and Lebanese flavours, Twilight Brunch at The Restaurant at Address Fountain Views for a late evening brunch, and Vida Creek Harbour’s recently launched Mediterranean-focused Limitless Brunch with breathtaking views perfect for Instagrammers.

Moving to Sunday, the brunch norms are defied and time limits are transcended at Belgian Beer Café at Grand Millennium Dubai, with a special all-day brunch lasting a whopping 11 hours. Special occasions also get their share of brunches, such as the upcoming Diwali brunch celebration at The Restaurant at Address Fountain Views to embrace the full spirit of the festival of lights.

Belgian Beer Cafe drinks

Whether seeking an exquisite business lunch on Monday, a mind-boggling game night on Tuesday, a ladies’ night on Thursday, an enticing happy hour on Friday, or a lively brunch on Sunday, Dubai is always filled to the brim with joy no matter the day of the week. The city’s fast-paced life dictates a unique approach to consumer habits, with most workers taking advantage of all their free time to hang out more and experience something new.

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