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La Table Krug by Y – Where Diners can Katch a Rare Glimpse into Food and Art Exquisitely Combining

by Zainab Habil | 20th March 2023 | Disruption,Food and Beverage,Hospitality,Communication
Yann with paint

This one-of-a-kind venue takes diners on a unique culinary adventure, performed and curated by Yann Bernard Lejard - a man who makes food that looks almost too good to eat

Colours from Yann

MENA’s most exquisite and unique dining experience - La Table Krug by Y is back at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, in a splendid show that transcends both food and art. The brainchild of culinary innovator and food disruptor Yann Bernard Lejard, this is the fourth global edition of one of the boldest and most revolutionary restaurants in the world. Centred around the “food is art” concept, this exceptional restaurant takes diners on an epicurean journey for all five senses - the first of its kind in the Middle East.

This amazingly unique concept is courtesy of a rather interesting man, a well-known name in the culinary world and famous for his combined passion for artistry and food. Yann Bernard Lejard is a culinary master, chef extraordinaire, and the Director of Culinary Food and Beverage at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain. Born in Paris, France, Yann Bernard Lejard was inspired by the likes of Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock from an early age and began expressing himself through art. When he became a chef aged 16, he found food to be an excellent form of artistic expression, giving birth to his signature, abstract style.

Yann with sign

A matter of intrigue for all food and art connoisseurs, this franchise of gastronomic wonders was inspired by the vineyards of Reims, France, with a heritage dating back to 1843. The idea at La Table Krug by Y is to take every diner’s breath away by gripping them with a total sense of euphoria, as they journey through a selection of tastefully crafted dishes in the most enlivening and lavish atmosphere.

The culinary journey at La Table Krug by Y is inspired by Yann’s artistic and imaginative journey with food. He wants to take diners on an inspired journey where the food comes alive and transports diners to unexpected places within their imagination. Birthing a new era of food creation, this pioneering movement is being called “Yannesque” where each delectable bite evokes pure emotion. At this gastronomic paradise, the food and beverages prepared are constantly reinvented through creative dishes that take inspiration from the rich culinary world heritage and the legacy of the natural French-born chef.

Salmon dish

To celebrate the opening of this marvellous new restaurant, La Table Krug by Y hosted a three-day press trip from the 6th to the 8th of March 2023 at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain. Katch International, as the official PR and Communications partner of the brand, was present at the event and was entrusted with the responsibility of bringing adequate media representation for the event. Katch International took along five media personnel on this trip - a talented and influential mix of editors, industry experts, and food critics. In what was a three-day-long culinary extravaganza, Yann and his team curated an immersive, interactive experience for the attendees, giving them an insight into the world of food artistry and what goes into achieving high-quality culinary excellence.

The media team was invited to the farm adjoining The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, where all the local ingredients are sourced. After handpicking fresh ingredients themselves, the guests were treated to a beachside meal, cooked to perfection using the vegetables they has earlier harvested. The crown jewel of the press trip, however, was the main gala event hosted by La Table Krug by Y, in partnership with Bentley. An evening unlike anything most have experienced, this event saw the coming together of food, art, culture, and entertainment like never before.

Colourful dish

As part of the activation with Bentley, each member of the team signed their names on the Bentley, followed by Yann’s food/art performance which left everybody awestruck. The night ended with a selection of gourmet delights served in the most visually tasteful manner. A specially curated five-course menu took diners and their taste buds on a journey they’re sure to never forget.

Having experienced first-hand the magic that is created at La Table Krug by Y, Katch International can testify that this much-anticipated comeback is a revolution in the Middle East’s restaurant landscape. With Yann Bernard Lejard at its helm, this restaurant is set to be the disruptor it so proudly describes itself as.

Yann portrait

For more information check out the talented chef on Instagram. For more related updates and to Katch us covering similar projects, watch this space!

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