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LIWA Village 2023: Katch all the Action at the Ultimate Winter Extravaganza set to Light up the Abu Dhabi Desert

by Ashraf Ibrahim | 4th December 2023 | Communication,Food and Beverage,Hospitality,Public Relations
LIWA Village entrance

Taking place over 24 days, between December 8th and 31st, LIWA Village promises a well-rounded winter experience featuring Emirati traditions, art, culture, and adventure

One of the biggest events on Abu Dhabi’s social calendar, LIWA Village festival, the ultimate celebration of Emirati culture, is returning to the desert this December. Debuting last year, Liwa Village was the place to be to enjoy the thrill of the season. Boasting a myriad of activities, delightful culinary options, globally and locally renowned retail brands, live performances, and much more, it was absolutely jam-packed with excitement from start to finish.

This year, LIWA Village is back again and bursting with the same level of fun and revelry. Once again taking the reigns as the PR partner of LIWA Village, Katch International is proud to be part of this outdoor spectacle, spreading the word near and far about the sheer joy awaiting guests in the Abu Dhabi desert this winter.

Pavilion at LIWA Village

Embark on a Journey of Discovery

After a 4-hour drive southwest of Abu Dhabi city, just where the borders with Saudi Arabia are blurred with sand, the magical LIWA Village miraculously appears from amidst the undulating dunes. Visitors can enjoy an escape from the bustling metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi at this timeless oasis rises up like a mysterious land just waiting for you to explore.

Upon your arrival at this spectacular locale, the rhythmic whispers of winter’s mild breeze, intertwining with the authentic Emirati charm, will transport you to a realm of pure enchantment. With its majestic setting, LIWA Village is designed to be the ultimate retreat from city life. Whether you wish to soak up the tranquil ambience of winter or seek to unleash your inner adventurer, LIWA Village should be your go-to place throughout December.

Pavilion at night

Capture the Essence of Emirate Culture in 7 Main Zones

Hosted by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi (DCT - Abu Dhabi), LIWA Village will take place between December 8th and 31st. The excitement of this 24-day festival will span 7 main zones: Souk, Oasis, Valley, Pavilion, Carnival, Digital Station by PUBG, and Main Stage. Every zone will showcase a different corner of Emirati culture, offering new ways to discover the desert’s allure.

The moment you step inside any zone, a different kind of intrigue will unfold, as every corner of this magnificent sanctuary is filled to the brim with incredible activities. Carefully and expertly designed for the whole family to enjoy, the zones will feature retail brands, flavourful culinary options, amusing activations, and captivating performances from an impressive lineup of Arabic artists.

Relish in the Best of Emirati and Arabic Cuisine

The gastronomic journey at LIWA Village will be something truly unforgettable, as many global and regional brands come together to bring the best flavours to the heart of the desert. From Emirati and Arabic dishes to international meals and much more, every palate will be superbly catered to. Once you pass by any culinary station, the distinctive aromas of the Kabab, Harees, and other divine cuisine will fill the air, along with the smell of smoked meats and grilled burgers prepared by expert chefs.

At the Oasis, where the desert’s charm merges with modern elegance, a wide selection of culinary outlets will be on hand, offering unique experiences near the golden dunes of this immersive zone. Moving to Souk, a traditional Emirati marketplace with a rooftop offering awe-inspiring views, where a selection of different vendors will serve delightful meals and moreish desserts, truly bringing Arabic heritage alive in every detail.

Enjoy a Unique Shopping Experience

A plethora of renowned retailers will descend on LIWA Village, complementing this desert celebration with their diverse array of goods. Guests can revel in a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in retail outlets designed to embody the cultural authenticity of the UAE. A distinct set of retail brands will span across the zones, giving guests a different vibe no matter where they might find themselves.

Shopping at LIWA Village

At the Souk, the hotspot of tradition and creativity, you can find everything from perfumes to souvenirs in addition to other brands such as Dukkan, which offers new retail concepts to serve businesses. When entering the Oasis, you will be able to experience the likes of ELEVENISH, which sells creative works from emerging luxury designers, and Odela & Co, a local brand offering skincare products made with 100% natural ingredients and oils, embracing the Emirati traditions.

Enhance your Stay with Arabic Melodies from Local Artists

The Main Stage, as its name suggests, will be the epicentre of Arabic culture, as a myriad of talented local artists will light up the stage every weekend under the moonlit sky. From ‘Shailat’, a traditional Arabic genre, and a mesmerising set of Kuwaiti songs to the rhythmic Saudi tunes and vocals, the weekends at LIWA Village will be the true embodiment of original Arabic art and music, allowing guests the opportunity to become transported back to days gone by.

During the last weekend of the festival, which will fall on New Year’s Eve, the melodic excitement will reach its peak, as an incredible set of Saudi, Emirati, and Lebanese talents will set the stage ablaze with captivating performances to welcome 2024 in the most spectacular way.

Main Stage at LIWA Village

Partake in Exhilarating Adventures

Many thrilling activities will take place to add to the desert’s vibrant ambience at LIWA Village with something for the whole family. At the Carnival, a spacious and engaging amusement park, guests can enjoy games such as Pyramid Smash, Rebound, Spin a Wheel, and Hook a Bag, all designed to elevate the enjoyment to another level at this winter festival. The immersive 5D Cinema, which will be sure to leave everyone in awe, will be a hotspot of entertainment, blurring the boundaries of imagination and reality with its high-resolution displays.

Topping off this unforgettable experience are two electrifying racing simulators, giving up-and-coming talented racers the chance to take on new challenges, along with exhilarating activations at the fascinating Digital Station by PUBG zone.

Kicking off in just a few days, the upcoming LIWA Village will be “bringing it back to where it all started” but with even more excitement and thrills. Offering 24 days of continued celebrations in the vast expanse of the UAE desert, Liwa Village will explore the wonders of Emirati heritage and culture beyond the dunes.

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