Bringing to life the ultimate Oriental dream, Amato Couture captivated audiences at this year’s edition of the event with his striking “Flower of War” collection in what could only be dubbed an inspiring but unconventional ode

Dubai, UAE March 2017 – Gorgeous midnight blues, full-bodied purples, ruby reds, magnificent maroons, pistachio greens, blush pinks and powdery teals were just some of the vibrant colours to dominate the ramp at Amato Couture’s show at Fashion Forward on the 25th of March. Never one to shy away from pulling out all the sartorial stops, creative designer Furne One proved yet again why he has become a name to contend with on both the regional and international fashion scene in a theatrical display.

Titled the “Flower of War”, his dramatic collection focused on the emotion of finding beauty amidst destruction and war. Drawing inspiration from the history of Pearl Harbour, the show began with an emotional monologue by a modern Japanese woman who is moved by the devastating history of her ancestors. The show featured flashbacks and stayed true to its theme, with models walking the ramp amidst the sound of screeching sirens and devastation.

The collection itself was a standing testimony to Amato’s signature style with floaty, feminine silhouettes in fabrics such as lace and tulle, which were embellished with embroidery, sequins and all the delicate trimmings that have become synonymous with the label. In keeping with couture traditions, Amato textures its own fabrics and fashions its own luxurious materials.

Having exhibited at Fashion Forward every year since its inception, Amato Couture has enjoyed a close relationship with the event and every piece that walks the Fashion Forward runway is exclusively crafted for the season. ‘Pret-Couture’ was the innovative format that took centre stage, displaying a versatile blend of ready-to-wear meets haute couture clothing that can be worn both on the street and as evening dresses.

Speaking about the inspiration for his bespoke collection, Furne One, Creative Designer, Amato Couture said, “Showcasing my work in Dubai is always special and more so because of my enduring association with Fashion Forward. Aside from this, the fact that ours was the closing show made me want to give the audience something to remember that resonated with the times we live in, which resulted in the hashtag #WARISSTUPID. With this collection, I wanted to take the audience on a sensory voyage and recreate the enchantment and beauty of the Orient that existed against the devastation of Pearl Harbour. To bring my creative vision to life I chose an opulent colour palette, rich textures and details such as Swarovski crystals.”

Amato is located in Building 4 R01 of the city’s bespoke fashion destination Dubai Design District.