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When it comes to finding the best PR agency in Dubai to elevate your brand to new heights, you need a PR team that not only successfully engages with your target audience, but also takes your brand’s reputation to the next level. At Katch, our expertise is rooted in assessing a brand’s current reputation and designing a bespoke communications strategy to meet the desired targets. We help bring authority and credibility to your relevant market, with strategic messaging in leading local and global publications. Whether you’re looking for a top B2B PR agency in Dubai to carry your company’s communications forward or searching for next-level B2C PR management services in Dubai and beyond, Katch has you covered.


  • Public relations strategy and implementation
  • Press release generation and content creation
  • Interview development and management
  • Seeding feature articles and column development
  • Press briefing development and organisation
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Media monitoring and analysis
  • Media monitoring and analysis
  • Internal communication and incentive plans
  • Copywriting
  • Media and crisis management training
  • CSR Programme Development
  • Arabising content and copy
  • Reporting and strategic analysis
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Luxury PR Agency | Dubai

If you’re in need of a B2C specialist or looking for a luxury B2B agency in Dubai, you want a team that knows exactly what it takes to create a winning communications formula for your luxury brand. From hospitality and fashion to cosmetics and auto collections, we’ve worked across the entire luxury sector, achieving outstanding results for brands of all shapes and sizes – local, regional and international. By providing your brand with the very best PR & marketing services in Dubai, we find the sweet spot between creativity and strategy to ensure your brand story stands out and breaks away from competitors in your ultra-competitive luxury sector.

Fashion & Beauty PR Agency | Dubai

Finding the right communications formula for your fashion or beauty brand isn’t just about putting all your eggs in the influencer basket. Yes, influencers, when used correctly, can be extremely effective for brand promotion; however, utilising a strategic blend of traditional PR services and innovative communications is a vital piece of the puzzle. When you’re looking for the best fashion PR agency Dubai has to offer, you want to find the perfect fit, not only in terms of game-changing creativity, but also in terms of giving you the strategic edge to rise above your competitors. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a trendy, casual, retro or luxury fashion agency, Dubai can often feel like it’s full of PR pretenders. Rest assured, Katch is not one of them; we’re the real deal and we have the track-record to prove it.

Media Relations | Dubai

Positive brand reputations stem from positive media relations, which is why the Katch PR team works tirelessly to not only maintain our relationships with key media outlets, but also to continuously strengthen them as well. We make sure your product or service is top of mind with target publications by delivering compelling content that journalists want to write about. From carefully crafted press releases and media alerts to engaging feature pieces and interviews, we know what it takes to get your brand the positive media coverage it deserves. We do this by working closely with your team to build or reinvent your brand messaging from the ground up. This equips your brand with the comprehensive set of communication tools it needs to thrive through the media and become the story that the press wants to cover.

Katch Our Approach to PR Content

At Katch, we are inspired by variety, motivated by diversity and committed to creativity. As an integrated PR agency that works across a wide range of industries, our team is well equipped to adapt to the demands of every brand we work with. Our game-changing content is backed up by next-level strategy, which is executed by combining innovative technologies and on-trend communications platforms with the best PR web services. Above all, we apply a personal touch to everything we do, ensuring that every step in the process is personalised to exceed the expectations of the client and engage effectively with the target audience. We utilise the most relevant and powerful mediums available to reach targeted demographic profiles across the entire traditional and new media spectrum, both online and elsewhere.

To learn more about how Katch International can grow your brand exposure through successful PR campaigns, get in touch!


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