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We don’t just promote brands; we are the people who help turn your brand vision into reality. To date, Katch has successfully partnered with more than 150 brands globally and so we have earned the right to say, “If you can dream of your brand reaching new heights, our team is the one who will ensure it does.” At Katch, we pride ourselves in being the strategic brand consultants who steer your brand story to success. 

We stay away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy and with every brand, we reposition or introduce to the market, you can rest assured knowing that it is customized to every last detail to match your brand vision and rings a bell with your consumers. 

As your trusted brand consultants, we leave no stone unturned – literally. The Katch team follows a strategy-driven multipronged approach to create a lasting impression with your target audience. We begin with a thorough brand audit and workshops to profile your brand DNA, understand the brand essence, its consumers, and competitive landscape to enable us to deliver a customized brand strategy and concept best suited to compliment your business goals and vision. Then we pull out our aces – Katch Design Consultants and Creative Language Experts, who help pull all ends together from brand identity including logos, fonts, colors to key messaging and everything in between, to build a brand story that resonates with your audience. 

At Katch, we create a brand strategy that works towards creating enriching experiences at every touchpoint with the consumer and positively impacting commercial returns of our client’s business. 

  • Brand Positioning 

  • Brand Design 

  • Brand Strategy 

  • Brand Messaging Framework

  • Brand Guidelines 

  • Creative Copywriting

  • Art Direction & Graphics

  • Brand Implementation

Katch Us.

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