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Grafitti of man with yellow fake sunglasses


As the leading branding agency in Dubai, Katch understands the importance of compelling branding and the vital role it plays in building your brand’s reputation. Captivating branding lies at the heart of engaging communications; it has the ability to grab a consumer’s attention, make a lasting impression and leave your brand top of mind. At Katch, we set ourselves apart from other branding agencies in Dubai by taking the time to properly understand your brand and recognise your needs as a client. In doing so, we are able to create visual magic for your business – branding that truly resonates with your target audience. It’s all about making your brand memorable for the right reasons, so that you truly stand out. Even though your brand is unique, that isn’t always enough to succeed. Katch creates branding that connects with your audience, content that stirs emotions and amplifies the uniqueness of your brand.

We utilise our team’s extensive range of expertise to ensure your brand comes out on top, with powerful visual assets that connect with consumers. Our passionate team expertly combines creativity and strategy with talent and technology, to produce the perfect creative storm for your brand.

An integral element of being one of the top branding agencies in Dubai is recognising that when it comes to creative design and branding, beauty is in the eye of the consumer. The design team at any branding company in Dubai can produce work that they themselves love. The challenge, however, is creating visual content that leaves lasting impressions on target audience members, impressions that lead to positive brand associations. Every member of the Katch design team (Katch Underdog), works tirelessly to continuously evolve his/her approach to design and branding. Stubbornly sticking to the same old approach, because it has worked before, stunts the creative process and limits your brand’s chances of success. At Katch, we recognise the ever-changing nature of consumers’ needs, perspectives and beliefs. We also understand the importance of creating content that truly impacts these consumers and helps your brand to break away from competitors. Essentially, at the core of the Katch design approach is evolution in terms of creativity and consistency in terms of quality. Even though the design process can often be complex, we are there to answer your questions and guide you through it, making sure your brand story is being told the right way, by keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

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Grafitti of man with yellow fake sunglasses




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