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Katch Some Golden Rays at the Completely Rejuvenated Laguna Beach Taverna & Lounge

by Paudie Marum | 13th March 2023 | Communication,Digital,Food and Beverage,Social Media,Public Relations
Laguna brightened sign

Undergoing a complete rebranding and image shift, Katch International helped position this trendy beach club and restaurant as the go-to destination on the Palm Jumeirah

Have you been to the refreshed, reenergised, and reinvigorated Laguna Beach Taverna & Lounge yet? Because if not, you really should. This exquisite Greek-Mediterranean restaurant and beach club embodying boho chic and elegance, located in Sofitel on the picturesque Palm Jumeirah, is the perfect spot for tourists and residents alike. Comprising an open-air restaurant and a trendy beach lounge, Laguna offers tasty meals, tantalising signature beverages, impeccable views over the stunning Arabian Gulf, and the most engaging vibes all in one place.

Venue shot

Before Katch International came on the scene though, Laguna was a little bit lost in how to position itself in the market. Despite its excellent services, the beach club faced challenges in terms of content creation and limited social media presence. The branding of the venue was also a struggle as there was no real differentiation between the beach club and restaurant areas. They wanted to rebrand the venue to give it a new look and revamp their whole image, particularly focusing on creating a clear distinction between the Taverna restaurant area and the modish beach club.

Laguna Venue Shot

Enter the Branding and Design team at Katch International! Experts in building brands up from scratch, and just as well versed in giving a brand new life, Katch was on hand to help Laguna create a true brand identity and, in the process, captivate their target audience. Utilising years of expertise, the creative team set about creating a clear differentiation between the bar and restaurant with different logo elements used to showcase this distinction. Using powerful visual assets aimed at connecting directly with consumers, Katch International created a whole new design including updated branding and imagery, which boosted the appeal of this fantastic venue.

The Social Media team also had their part to play as the social media presence has greatly increased since Katch came on board. Laguna is now telling a consistent story under the guidance of Katch, and guests are becoming fully engulfed in the exquisite nature of this wonderful beach club. Building an identity and sticking to it is so important for any bar, restaurant, hotel, or company in general, and now Laguna has found their own voice and is driving forward to become one of the most talked about venues on Palm Jumeirah.

Laguna beach - Jaena

Through well-researched and unique content creation, including photography and videography, Katch is helping Laguna tell its story to the world. The story is being well received it seems as since Katch took charge of Laguna’s Instagram page, which stood at 7,800 followers, it has grown by more than 3,500 in the span of one month to reach its current peak of 11,600, which will only continue to rise. With the reels we have produced for the incredible venue also being a huge hit, with reels going viral in short periods of time organically, the reach and engagement for Laguna Beach Taverna & Lounge is on an upward trajectory that has no signs of slowing down.

Laguna nighttime bar

What a journey it has been, and the results speak for themselves. Laguna has become a true island-esque paradise where guests can take their pick of delectable Mediterranean-inspired dishes and the very freshest of seafood under a cooling canopy of softly blowing sails or become transported to the Cyclades, where pergola rooftops, whitewashed stairs, and ragged stone walls bring to mind the narrow alleys of Mykonos. The stage is set for a bright future for this paradisiac spot and with Katch International on board, the sky is the limit for Laguna Beach Taverna & Lounge.

Laguna sign

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