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Katch up on the Recent Barbie Craze as Boss Beauties Launch Virtual Collectibles Celebrating Over 250 Careers in the Barbie Line

by Paudie Marum | 17th July 2023 | Communication,Digital,Marketing,Social Media
Boss Beauties and Barbie

With Barbie catching the headlines worldwide for the highly anticipated movie starring Margot Robbie, Boss Beauties and Mattel Inc. have collaborated to launch an exclusive virtual collectibles range

Barbie doll

The world has gone Barbie crazy recently, with the upcoming Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie generating immense hype. Social media is abuzz with posts about the film set to release this week on July 20th in the UAE. Adding to the excitement, Mattel, the makers of Barbie, has partnered with the women-led Web3 media and entertainment brand, Boss Beauties, to launch a set of virtual collectibles that honour over 250 careers in the Barbie line. This collaboration not only celebrates Barbie's iconic status but also empowers women and collectors to explore the world of Web3 through a unique virtual collection.

Barbie x Boss Beauties: Bringing More Women to Web3

Mattel, Inc. and Boss Beauties have joined forces to create virtual collectibles that pay tribute to the diverse range of careers represented by Barbie since its inception in 1959. This partnership aims to simplify the entry of women into the Web3 world, offering a low price point and an easy checkout process so they can get their hands on their own unique piece of virtual artwork. Boss Beauties, known for its mission of onboarding the next 1 million women and girls into a Web3 world, aligns perfectly with Mattel's vision of championing women’s achievements across the globe.

You Can Be Anything: Celebrating 250+ Barbie Careers

The Boss Beauties and Barbie virtual collectibles collection showcases Barbie in various career roles, including CEO, game developer, fighter pilot, astronaut, beekeeper, and doctor, among others. With a pack of four collectibles priced at USD25, the collection ensures accessibility for collectors by offering an affordable price point and is the perfect way to gain entry into the world of virtual artwork. Notably, the purchase will not be available in cryptocurrency, making it accessible to a wider audience and allowing the purchase process to be even more straightforward.

Barbie jobs

The collectibles are classified into different rarity categories, such as 'common,' 'uncommon,' 'rare,' 'super rare,' 'ultra rare,' and 'exclusive.' Each pack will contain two common collectibles, one uncommon collectible, and one collectible from the remaining four rarities. Rarity is an exciting element that adds an element of surprise and value for collectors as some of the exclusive pieces will become highly sought after.

Unlocking Perks and Physical Goods

The Boss Beauties and Barbie virtual collectibles not only offer an exciting array of digital items but also unlock perks and physical goods for collectors. These rewards range from virtual Career Conversations with role models to tickets for Barbie live events. Collectors will also have the chance to win incredible one-of-a-kind doll gift sets, making this collection truly special, giving back to women everywhere who have supported Barbie since its creation.

Barbie's Metaverse Journey and the Partnership's Significance

As Barbie embarks on her journey in the metaverse, the collaboration with Boss Beauties holds significant value. By delving deeper into digital collecting, Barbie aims to highlight her most recognisable roles, inspiring fans and collectors alike. The partnership also empowers women to explore Web3 through the virtual collection, aligning with Boss Beauties' mission of fostering inclusion and empowerment.

Various Barbies

Early Access Purchase and Surprise Virtual Collectible

To build excitement, Boss Beauties announced an Early Access Purchase option ahead of the official launch. Those who made purchases during this limited-availability period received a surprise virtual collectible with an exclusive career trait. This surprise element again added an extra layer of anticipation, intrigue, and delight for collectors.

A Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie

The launch of the Boss Beauties and Barbie virtual collectibles coincides with the release of the highly anticipated Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. This exciting collaboration with Boss Beauties sets the stage for fans to fully immerse themselves in the Barbie world, bridging the gap between virtual and real-life experiences.

Margot Robbie as Barbie

With the launch of the Boss Beauties and Barbie virtual collectibles, Mattel and Boss Beauties celebrate the rich history of Barbie's careers while paving the way for women to explore the world of Web3. The collection's diverse range of professions reinforces the message that anyone can be anything they want, and that people should always dream big. As the world eagerly awaits the upcoming Barbie movie, which is set to break box office records across the globe, this collaboration adds another layer of excitement to the Barbie phenomenon. Get ready to embark on a virtual journey into Barbie's world, where imagination knows no bounds.

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