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A refreshing addition to the Dubai restaurant scene, Mazaher is a restaurant that expertly combines the generosity of traditional Lebanese hospitality with its rich gastronomic heritage, and is centrally located in the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Katch International was commissioned to develop the brand from its inception which included:

  • Restaurant Launch
  • Public Relations
  • Concept Development
    • Logo Development
    • Branding
    • Marketing Collaterals
    • In-Venue Branding
    • Artwork Designs
    • Advertising Visuals

Katch International was tasked with creating that essence and identity that would encapsulate the offering of the venue. Mazaher means ‘blossom water’ so our team created a logo in the shape of a flower and design the main font to have small droplets. This flower shape was designed using Islamic lines and an arabisk style which would accentuate the Moroccan and Lebanese influences in the interior décor of the restaurant. This logo was then used on the development of the menus and all of the wider branding in-house and externally.

The atmosphere of Mazaher was integral to it consumer attraction and it was here that the owners wished to project the spirit of the golden age of Lebanon, an era perhaps most predominantly identified with the 1970s, when Lebanon was considered the ‘Paris of the Middle East’. This tone was the guiding influence for many of the artworks, marketing collateral and promotional material Katch designed for the venue.


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