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KEF Connect was launched with the intention for KEF Holdings to contribute to the pool of knowledge available in this digital age. We’ve always believed in giving to create an impact, so, in the same vein, the conversations and stories we will feature will always aim to educate, instill inspiration and ignite action” (Sophiya Faizal, Director of KEF Holdings).

KEF Holdings is a privately-owned family company, founded by Faizal E. Kottikollon and headquartered in DIFC, Dubai – steeped in more than 25 years of innovation and shaped by a mission to be different and make a difference. A true change-maker and genuine trailblazer, KEF Holdings is an industry-agnostic company powered by innovation, an unshakeable disruptive spirit, and an unwavering commitment to creating a positive social impact for a better future. Having successfully transformed the oil, gas and infrastructure industries and the education system, KEF is now redefining healthcare in India and across the world. Extensive plans are also in place for 2021 and beyond in the hospitality, wellness, and venture capital sectors.

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