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About the Brand 

Glossy Lounge, the brainchild of Natasha Zaki, is a homegrown luxury sustainable brand creating elevated and luxe loungewear and undergarments. Born out of the pandemic, the brand sets out on a mission to take the ordinary and make it special by balancing fashion and function with a modern aesthetic to help people embrace fashionable yet comfortable living.

Making a splash in the UAE, Glossy Lounge partnered with Noor Stars, the No 1 Youtuber in the Middle East and one of the most influential social media personalities of the region, to launch the brand this January.


Natasha was drawn to the ever-increasing relevance of sustainability, style, and empowerment through clothing. She joined forces with a highly successful tech entrepreneur from the United States with shared values, drive for good, and an advocate for brands with a greater purpose, and in July 2021 they began the journey of Glossy Lounge. Together, they aim to develop a long-lasting brand that takes a comprehensive approach to fashion and being.

From here, Glossy Lounge, a modern fashion brand for luxury loungewear apparel that is inclusive, accessible, and inspirational, with mindfulness at its core, began to take shape. They seek to play a part in safeguarding and healing our earth, from the materials the brand utilises to the recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. Glossy Lounge only works with GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo, upcycled material including certified recycled polyester which allows the brand to follow through on its promise of sustainability.

Through their range of clothing, they aim to empower individuals to live ‘in the now’, more authentically, and with confidence from within. All while feeling good about their choices – for themselves, and the environment. To feel connected to something bigger than them – a community that shares the same values.

Brand for a Cause and then Some More

Glossy Lounge is all about inclusivity and body positivity. Their products are designed to become part of the essential wardrobe, with clothing catering to a vast range of sizes and body shapes reflecting the real world. Glossy Lounge is here to help you show up – like yourself, for yourself, and as you want to be seen. Allowing you to feel ready to take on the day. Glossy Lounge strives to be a force of body positivity through its materials and fits, with consciousness at its core.

Designed and made in the UAE, they give back and support the local community and their home in ways that will make a positive impact. The obligation to do better extends to donating both time and product to initiatives that directly support women and children, with a long-term view of making life better for individuals, families, and communities. The brand helps the local community by regularly providing clothing to underprivileged women and children throughout each year.

An Enviable Affair Between Style and Comfort

Aiming to be a new wardrobe essential, Glossy Lounge introduces a balance of fashion and function with a modern aesthetic to help people embrace fashionable yet comfortable living.

It means being there for you through it all. The days when the energy is high, and those times when one could use a mood boost. A go-to staple that is suitable at any time and for women, kids, and men, alike. Whether it is lounging in the home, working from home, working out, doing the school run, meeting friends, etc.

The brand is prioritizing a style that is both aspirational and accessible for women, children, and men. Each product is a balance of fashion and function with a modern aesthetic – fitting perfectly into one’s day and life.

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