Teresita Orillac has designed a luxury women’s ready-to-wear collection Into The Jungle.

The collection, ranging from elegant fabled dresses to skirts and tops as well as intricately designed jackets, sees an amalgamation of luscious peacock print effects, vivacious colours and complex designs found on the many species of gorgeously striking birds in Panamanian rainforests. Transporting people paradise, the collection portrays playful, vivid and abstract splashes of lilac, bright green, various shades of blue and yellow. On the other hand, the evening gowns are themed with elegance in black, sky blue patterns with green and bronze hues.

The abundance of luscious greens gives depth and richness to the palette, while sky blue and lilac make the color scheme more jubilant and festive, providing the ensemble an organic feel. This dynamic collection was designed not only by how they look on a mannequin or model, but to alter them to adapt to the ideal charismatic Teresita Orillac woman.

An imaginative, upbeat personality, the ideal Teresita Orillac woman loves to travel, lives life as it comes, is outgoing and carefree. She’s ready to take on a party at the beach by day, and glamourous gala dinners by night. Into The Jungle embraces a very relaxed, comfortable silhouette crafted out of rich, crease-free fabrics and can be worn throughout the year.

In the last Month Teresita has Debut her collection at London Fashion Week and In Dubai with an intimate presentation at El Sur Dubai.


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